Environmental Public Health Conference – Collaboration for Sustainable Development

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Cardiff Metropolitan University, African Partnership initiative Conference

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May, 2012


Attainment of overall Public Health remains an impediment to the achievement of vision 2030. Its achievement will not only avail vital resources to the productive sectors of the economy but also improve community health. Research on public health issues will ultimately reduce government expenditure on disease control, reduce pollution and overall make Kenya and the world a better place to live in. Cardiff School of Health Sciences African Partnership initiative and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology have therefore brought together scientists and policy makers to deliberate on pertinent public health issues in Kenya and the world. Specialist drawn from Kenya, Africa and the world will deliberate on various thematic areas. The collaboration between the JKUAT and UWIC will not only be enhanced by the conference but stronger links are being developed through joint proposals for funding and staff exchange. Last year, Prof Z. Nganga and Dr F. Wamunyokoli visited Cardiff Metropolitan University thanks to the collaboration while this year another two members of staff will also visit for 6 weeks.

The theme of the conference will be “Environmental Public Health- Collaboration for Sustainable Development”. The wide selection of topics being discussed will allow the participants to share experiences in public heath as a tool for development and hence and the attainment of Kenya’s Vision 2030.


(a)  Tropical Diseases and their Control

(b)  Life Style and None Infectious Diseases

(c)  Pollution Menace

(d)  Disaster Management

(e)  Other Topical Issues of Public Health.


All communications should be addressed to jnganga@jkuat.ac.ke or GKarani@cardiffmet.ac.uk


The conference will be held at Safari Park Hotel located on Thika Road on 10th and 11th May starting daily at 8.00 am.


There will be a JKUAT organized transport for invited participants and speakers. The bus to the venue leaves JKUAT at 7.00am on 10th and 11th returning at the end of each day.

Social events

There may be a post conference dinner for all invited guests, participants and speakers on Friday 11th at 6.00pm. International participants are encouraged to visit the numerous tourist attractions in Kenya.