Empowering African Researchers Via LC-MS Training

Prof. Thiong’o addressing the trainees

JKUAT’s College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS) through the Chemistry Department hosted a one-week Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Workshop.

The annual workshop organized by the Pan African Chemistry Network (PACN) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in partnership with JKUAT, a center for Excellence for RSC and PACN training in Africa.

The forum provides training to members in various Chemistry related disciplines such as; food science, quality control and implementation thus enabling them to become trainers and impart knowledge on how to use the LC-MS instruments in research and data analysis.

Speaking during the official opening of the training, the principal, COPAS, Prof. Thuku Thiong’o, emphasized the need for enabling research and analysis within Africa.

“No man is an island; thus, I encourage you to ask questions and share ideas with each other.” Prof. Thiong’o said.

LC-MS participants keenly following the proceedings.

Prof. Anthony Gachanja who is a pioneer of the training program and a facilitator, explained the importance of the program in ensuring that Africa eliminated dependency on European countries when it came to Research and analysis.

“The African continent will only develop once it strengthens its inbuilt capacity for research and analysis. This forum is aimed at imparting knowledge for the betterment of future generations,” Prof. Gachanja expounded.

The program has been in session since 2009 and has successfully trained over 700 African researchers. It admits a maximum of 15 trainees so as to ensure that they have an impactful hands-on experience.

“This initiative was started to support African scientists by granting them free access to latest scientific literature published by the RSC. This in turn ensures that there is reduced cost and increased efficiency in their research,” said Solomon Derese, Executive Secretariat at PACN.

Mercy Adipo, a trainee from Embu University explained that she was honored to have been part of the training remarking that the opportunity would equip her with skills needed to analyze data as she completes her master’s study.

“I intend to use the knowledge gained to conduct research that is crucial for the completion of my MSc. Chemistry,” Ms. Adipo stated.

Faith Chepchumba who is a JKUAT graduate and studied a Bachelors in Analytical Chemistry and is currently an intern at Analabs Limited got a chance to participate in the training.

She said, “I am delighted to be part of this workshop as it will equip me with hands-on training and knowledge. This will be a valuable resource in quality control and implementation which is my area of expertise.”

Empowerment of African Researchers via the LC-MS Training

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