Education for sustainable development workshop

The World is currently facing complex environmental challenges that include environmental degradation, economic and social constraints. This has resulted in global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, increased waste, air and water pollution, poverty and food insecurity. The UN therefore identified education as key to the move towards sustainability. It designed the period 2005-2014 as the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. As a response to this, Kenya has developed an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Implementation Strategy that will serve as a guideline for ESD implementation across all sectors.  The Kenya ESD strategy is guided by three broad strategic objectives, namely to (i) enhance the role of education and learning for equitable, efficient and sustainable utilization of the country’s resources, (ii) promote quality education through diverse learning and public awareness for improved quality of life and productive livelihoods, and (iii) promote teaching and learning that inculcates appropriate values, behaviour and lifestyles for good governance and sustainability.

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