Dr. Kuyah Appointed Head of Research and Innovation

Dr. Mathew Gicheha (left) handing over the office documents to Dr. Shem Kuyah. Looking on the Research, Production, and Extension Division’s Registrar, Dr. Patrick Mbindyo

Dr. Shem Kuyah has been appointed as Head of Research and Innovations in the University. He takes over from Dr. Mathew Gicheha and will serve for a period of two years with effect from July 10, 2023.

The appointment was officially declared by Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi. Dr. Kuyah will hold both administrative and academic responsibilities within the department, reporting to the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research, Production, and Extension.

In response to his new role, Dr. Kuyah expressed deep appreciation for the trust and confidence vested in him, recognizing the significant responsibility it entails.

“I approach this role with a profound sense of purpose and a commitment to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in research. Our journey ahead will be guided by a shared vision to push the boundaries of knowledge, tackle complex challenges, and contribute to advancements that will positively impact our University and society at large,” said Dr. Kuyah.

Dr. Kuyah holds a PhD in Plant Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. With an extensive background encompassing over a decade of research, teaching, and engagement with farmers, he has authored more than 50 publications and poster presentations.

His expertise lies in understanding the dynamics of agricultural crops and trees within their environment. Dr. Kuyah’s research focuses on designing experiments to evaluate the reciprocal interactions between plants and their surroundings, particularly exploring how agroforestry and forestry systems can combat climate change, foster resilient production systems, and bolster the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Dr. Gicheha, while passing on the leadership to Dr. Kuyah, expressed his confidence and optimism for the future of JKUAT’s research pursuits.

“The incoming Head of Research and Innovations, brings a fresh perspective, new ideas, and a renewed energy that will undoubtedly propel JKUAT to even greater heights,” said Dr. Gicheha.

Dr. Gicheha encouraged the department’s staff to offer the same level of support, dedication, and passion to Dr. Kuyah that they extended to him during his tenure.

During his tenure, Dr. Kuyah is resolute in his commitment to expanding JKUAT’s research portfolio by leveraging the University’s expertise and networks to enhance her competitiveness for international grants. He will also focus on strengthening JKUAT’s collaborations with partners and ensuring the prompt dissemination of research outcomes to enhance the University’s visibility.

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