Director Prof. Robert W. Gituru

B.Ed in Science (Hons.)

Major in Botany, minor in Zoology

Msc in Science in Botany(Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics)

Ph.D. in Botany (plant Biosyt. & Conservation)

Post-Doctoral Diploma: Plant Molecular Biosystematics

UNESCO/CSC Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Lab of plant Systematic $ Evolutionary Biology


Administrator  Assistant: Joyce W. Mwangi

Mercy Mugereki

4 thoughts on “Staff

  1. To whom it may concern,
    I am currently doing a research project on the various ways in which China and Africa co-operate in terms of environmental issues and have been very interested in the founding of the Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre. I have already spoken with Professor Wang Qingfeng at the Wuhan Botanical Gardens and will hopefully visit there in April. I am very interested to speak with someone who works at the center in Nairobi to get an idea of the kinds of projects taking place.
    I will be visiting Kenya between the 10th-24th of March and was hoping to have a brief meeting with someone from your organization to discuss these issues.
    I work at the Centre for Chinese Studies, Stellenbosch University in South Africa and research various aspects of the China-Africa relationship, including environmental co-operation.
    Best wishes,
    Ross Anthony

  2. Dear Ms Mugereki,
    Sincere greetings. I have a group of Chinese researchers arriving in Kenya on Sunday 15th .09.2018. They would like to visit your Center on Monday the following day. Would it be possible to receive them? Please let me know.

    Thank You

    • Good Morning Prof,
      Yes, it’s possible. Sorry for taking long to respond. At what time will they be visiting the center?
      Kindly get in touch with Prof Gituru, Director SAJOREC. His number is 0729937499.

      Thank You

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