Planning & Budgetary Control Section

Rose Ndegwa

Rose Ndegwa – Ag.Deputy Registrar
Rose Wangui – Administrator
Elizabeth Kalekye – Clerk


To be a section of excellence in facilitating and coordinating Performance contracting in the Division as well as planning and budgetary activities in Academic Affairs Division.


In consultation with other section heads, facilitate planning through developing budgets, work plans, procurement plans as well as to monitor and evaluate implementation of the Divisional performance contract, usage of resources towards achievement of University strategic objectives.

Sectional Strategic Objectives

1.To prepare annual PC for the AA Division of the University
2.To facilitate cascading of the AA’s  PC to HODs/Section Heads & members of staff in the Division.
3.To compile the AA’s  Quarterly & Annual PC reports.
4. To develop DVC (AA)’s Office annual Work, Procurement & Budget plans.
5. To generate DVC (AA)’s Office quarterly Monitoring Reports on Work, Procurement & Budget plans.

The section will endeavor to adopt ethical standards and best practices in facilitating, coordinating, planning for and management of the resources.


Selfless service in the line of duty without fear or favour

Core Values
•    Efficacy
•    Teamwork
•    Transparency
•    Accountability
•    Quality
•    Equity

Core Functions

  • To develop an achievable work plan for the department in conformity with the strategic objectives of the university.
  • Co-ordination and preparation of Quarterly and Annual reports.
  • To develop a matching budget for funding work plan.
  • To develop procurement plan that ensures timely availability of resources and services for implementation of the work plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation of strategic/procurement plan in the division.

Location: Offices situated between the DAQA and Examinations office.