Senate Secretariat


Dr. Esther Muoria

About Senate Secretariate
The Senate Secretariat Office is one the sections that JKUAT depends on to execute its mandate and contribute to national development. JKUAT revised its strategic plan to align it to Vision 2030 and Senate Secretariat has resolved to pursue targets derived from the following strategic objectives contained in the University’s Strategic Plan (2013-2017):

Vision Statement
To facilitate the University attain global excellence in training, Research and Innovation for development.

Mission Statement
To excel in provision of Senate Secretariat services to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the overall administration, planning and development of the University.

Sectional Strategic Objectives
1)    To generate schedules for Senate, Deans and other Senate Sub-committee meetings;
2)    To facilitate co-ordination of Senate, Deans and other Senate Sub-committee meetings;
3)    To utilize technology in organizing and executing Senate, Deans and other Senate Sub-committee meetings;
4)    To produce records of Senate, deans and other Senate Sub-committee meetings;
5)    To control storage and retrieval of records.

e- Boardroom
Document and information management is an area of high concern for organizations and their corporate secretarial team. The section has hence adopted paperless meetings, moving towards an electronic mode of operation in an attempt to render benefits to the University. This will be in terms of cost reduction and conclusion of meetings on time. The ability to store, control, distribute and avail confidential documentation gives the electronic boardroom system a clear advantage over a traditional paper environment. With built in security including strong passwords, email/print controls and remote document control, an electronic boardroom system allows organizational secretaries to better control documentation.