Students Welfare

Message from the Dean of Students
The dean of students Office co-ordinates all students’ welfare matters on campus be they personal, academic, career or social. In this connection, the office Co-ordinates the work of the Wardens and Counsilors, Sports and Games, Entertainment Services, Catering and accommodation Services.

The office is headed by the Dean of students who also facilitates the formation of professional and social clubs and societies among the students community. He is also the Returning Officer for the Students’ organization (JKUSO) elections.

The office maintains professional staff that is available to provide assistance and/or direct students to the appropriate resource. These officers are; the Dean of Students, Students’ Counselor, Assistant registrar (Dean of Student Office) and a Senior Housekeeper besides clerical as well as Secretarial staff.

To create an environment that proactively anticipates and meets the diverse students needs, cost effectively and in a timely manner

To provide excellent and equitable welfare services to students

Friendly, Fair and Firm