Mr. J. Owala

Message from the Deputy Registrar (Examinations)
Examinations are a key component in any academic institution.  They regularly and deliberately test candidates’ comprehension, understanding and ability in the various taught units.  At the culmination of it all, a certificate is awarded as proof that the recipient has satisfied all academic requirements largely by passing all examinations.

Accordingly JKUAT, like any other reputable institution, places very high importance to the quality and processing of its examinations.  This is in view of the fact that the university’s standing is judged on the quality of its graduates and by extension to the examinations processes.

To expeditiously process all university examinations while upholding best management practices, integrity and confidentiality to suit the needs of a dynamic university clientele

The Examinations Section success will be dependent on visionary leadership and teamwork.  The Section shall adopt ethical standards and best practices in all its operations.  The Section will strive to optimally utilize its human and physical resources to impact on the wider university vision and mission.

The Examinations Section strives to be a one-stop centre of excellence for examinations processing in accordance with the University mandate

To ensure that all university examinations are processed in accordance to stipulated schedules, statutes, regulations and in strict adherence to confidentiality.

In order to uphold its functional mandate the Examinations section will persue the following:

  • Develop, promote and render prompt services
  • Strengthen co-operation with key clients
  • Inculcate a culture of good customer relations
  • Promote an optimal utilization of resources

The Examinations Section motto is “Expeditious service without discrimination”

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