Programmes & Training

Mr. J. M. Kamau

Message from the Deputy Registrar
Welcome to Programmes and Training Section. This a section within the DVC (AA)’s office charged with the responsibility of supporting departments in developing new academic programmes or revising existing ones.
The section ensures the programmes comply with requirements set by CUE, ICUEA and DAQA, amongst others.
In consultation with other players, the Section underscores the need for market orientation, quality enhancement and global perspective as minimum ingredients in academic programmes.
Additionally, the Section is responsible for programming of key academic activities like teaching and examination through speedy and accurate generation  of timetables.

To provide quality support services in respect to staff Training, Academic Programmes development and attachments to produce premier graduates.

A premier provider of academic services for the advancement of teaching and training in the University.

“A taste of unequalled customer care”