The ICT Directorate has made several strides in the recent past including:

  • Successful implementation of Sage AccPac ERP to streamline financial, procurement and students operations;
  • Successful interlinking of campuses through the Inter-Campus Connectivity (ICC) project to ensure seamless connectivity of ERP and other applications;
  • Successful maintenance and continual improvement of the JExam for examinations processing;
  • Obtained financial support from Google Inc. for the ICT capacity building initiatives under the JKUAT Endeavor;
  • Development of the JKUAT Electronic Payment Security Policy (JEPS), JKUAT Information Security Policy (JISP), Automation Policy (AP) and ICT Capacity Building Strategy;
  • Successfully developed a manual for training in Computer Applications to Data Management and as well as phase I and II training for the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS);
  • Developed an ICT Policy for the Water Resources Management Authority;
  • Developed market-based ICT Professional Development Courses;
  • Successfully developed, in-house, and deployed a new mail system for the University community;
  • Set-up a ICT research and incubation hub to nurture useful ICT concepts and ideas into valuable ICT products;
  • Successfully managed and transitioned the University community to the new generation students and staff IDS;
  • Facilitated staff training to bolster skills and competence in ICT to meet the dynamic demands of the University community;
  • The ICT Directorate has successfully hosted speakers from across the world as follows:
  1. Dr. Pat Frain, Director, NovaUCD, University College Dublin, Ireland on the development of an innovation centre and innovation policy including a roundtable meeting attended by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mabel Imbuga, PS, Ministry of Industrialization, Dr. Karanja Kibicho as well as representatives from JICA, KICT Board and Directorate of e-Government;
  2. Dr. Roland Omoresemi of Tezza Business Solutions on a presentation and discussion about Software Quality Assurance and Testing;
  3. Miss Marianne Berkovich of Google Inc. in development of effective interactive user interfaces.