1. KE 529     A Trap for Controlling Bont Ticks in Pastures
2. KE 648    Anti-Aging Cosmetic Product Derived from Plants and Ruminant Animals Oil Extract
3. KE 769     Shoe Polish Composition Comprising Blackjack Extract
4. KE 773     Process for the Preparation of Yoghurt-Like Beverages Having a High Content of Papaya Puree
5. KE-805    Multipurpose Mini-Machine for Macadamia Nuts Shelling
6. KE-806    3-Chloro-4-(4-Chlorophenoxy) Aniline and Chloroquine as Anti malarial Composition
7. KE-808    Artesunate – 3- Chloro -4- (4- Chlorophenoxy) Aniline Antimalarial Hybrid Drug


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