Phone Book


VC Office1006
Sec VC1007
Clerk VC office1008
Asst Reg VC1009
Clerk 2 VC1010
Dep Registrar Council1011
Secretary council1012
Sec 2 VC1013
Asst CCO1014
director Ind park1015
Dep director park1016
Sec dir ind park1017
Council Room 11018
VC Boardroom1019
Council room 21020
Office of Ombudsman1022
Sec Ombudsman1023
Admin Ombudsman1024
CSO Secretary1033
Reception Security1034
Main gate1035
Caretaker’s office1036
Ochieng Security1037
Security Officer1038
Security office 41039
Director DIPCA1052
Reception DIPCA1053
Dep director DIPCA1054
Admin DIPCA1055
Clerk 1 DIPCA1056
Clerk 2 DIPCA1057
Admin 2 DIPCA1285
chief corp offcr1062
Asst corp offcr1063
Sec PR1065
Sec Audit1077
Chief internal audit1078
Dep chief   internal audit1079
information systems audit1080
Audit finance1081
Gen & risks audit1082
Director DLEMA1092
Dep Director DLEMA1093
Snr Admin DLEMA1094
Sec DLEMA1095
EMS Coordinator1096
Director CUST1117
Clerk CUST1118
Sec CUST1119
admin CUST1120
Dep director CUST1121
Lecturer sunday CUST1122
Director UIL1135
Director ICT1147
Sec Director ICT1148
Admin ICT1149
HOD ISS Dennis1153
Sec ISS1154
ICT Wairimu1155
ICT Boro Kariuki1157
ICT Salome Wachira1158
ICT Officer 51159
ICT Lorete1160
Lucy Mwea ISS1161
ICT Admin1162
ICT Support technicians1163
Chairman IS1173
Sec IS1174
ICT officer1 IS1175
ICT Migwi1177
ICT Jeddy1178
Server Room1180
Elicanah ICT officer1181
Finance ICT1182
Susan ICT IS1183
Chairman RCT1193
Sec RCT1194
Officer1 RCT1195
Officer2 RCT1196
Officer3 RCT1197
Officer 4 RCT1198
Sec DVC1214
Clerk DVC1215
Sec APD1228
Clerk APD1229
Legal officer1230
Sec Legal1231
Dep Legal officer1232
Registrar APD1233
Transport manager1234
Asst transport officer1235
Sec transport1236
booking officer transport1237
maintainance transport1238
booking office transport1239
Maint office transport1240
transport stores1241
Sec transport1242
HR Manager1244
Dep registar recruit1245
Dep registra personnel1246
Dep registrar training1247
Snr asst registrar1248
Snr Sec Hr1249
Clerk HR1250
Sec HR1251
Incharge registry1269
Dep Incharge registry1270
snr clerk 1 registry1271
snr clerk 2 registry1272
snr clerk 3 registry1273
Sec registry1274
Sec planning1284
Dep reg planning1285
Snr Admin Asst1286
Admin asst1287
Asst reg planning1288
Admin planning1289
Clerk planning1290
snr admin asst1 planning1291
snr admin asst2 planning1292
Sec central services1299
Dep registrar CS1300
Admin Assist CS1301
clerk CS1302
Chief catering manager1319
Dep catering manager1321
cateresse office1322
staff cafeteria1323
reception catering1325
science complex1326
hall 6 catering1327
Sec chief catering manager1328
Estates Manager1344
Clerk of works1345
Carpentry estates1346
Welding estates1347
Elec/mech estates1348
Estates Supervisor bldng1350
EMS coordinator1352
Sec Estates1353
Finance Officer1364
Sec Finance Officer1365
Clerk finance officer1366
Dep Finance Offcr expen1367
Dep Finance Offcr Rev1368
Incharge Pensions1370
Incharge final acct1371
accountant 11372
accounts 11373
accountant 21374
Dep Fin Budget & Accounts1375
Incharge Salaries1376
Payroll salaries1377
Front office salaries1378
Incharge Budgetary1379
fixed Assets1380
Incharge payments1381
Payments acc 11382
payments acc 21383
Payments acc 31384
Incharge revenue1385
Imprest issuance1386
Paying cashier1387
Receiving Cashier1388
cheque writing1389
cheque payments1390
Chief cashier1391
incharge PAYE1392
PAYE Candle1393
PAYE Serena1394
PAYE Hall 71395
PAYE Main Cafeteria1396
PAYE 2 Hall 71398
PAYE Main Dining 11399
PAYE Main Dining 21400
Incharge Stud Finance1401
Stud Finance acc 11402
Stud finance acc 21403
Stud finance acc 31404
stud finance acc 41405
Incharge Exam finance1406
Hosp cashier1407
finance archives1408
Exam finance acc11409
Exam finance acc21410
Security finance1411
Snr accts asst sodel1412
Accts asst sodel1413
CMO Office hosp1419
Sec CMO hosp1420
Hospital Admin1421
Records Hosp1422
Consult room2 hosp1423
Consult room3 hosp1424
Consult room4 hosp1425
Consult room5 hosp1426
Consult room6 hosp1427
Consult room8 hosp1428
Treatment room1429
Family planning1430
Male ward1431
Female ward1432
Paediatric ward1433
Incharge hosp lab1435
Hosp Lab1436
Hosp Pharmacy1438
Hosp VCT1439
Princ nursing offices1440
Hosp Nutritionist1441
Hosp Physiotherapy1442
Hosp Laundry1443
Hosp Kitchen1444
Environ health office1445
Hosp records filing area1446
CCC Reception hosp1447
pharmacy ccc1448
Lab ccc1449
nutritionist CCC1450
Clinician CCC1451
Nurse CCC1452
Sec Proc1461
Documentation proc1462
Tenders proc1463
Gen maint proc1464
Teaching mat proc1465
Equipment proc1466
examination proc1467
Incharge central stores1468
PPO proc proposed1469
catering proc1470
boardroom proc1471
Central stores1472
Petrol pump stores1473
Catering stores1474
Hospital stores1475
Recept central stores1476
Proc offcr 1 central stores1477
Proc offcr 2 central stores1478
Incharge tailoring1489
tailoring workshop1490
Incharge sys admin DVC AA1499
Sys admin1 DVC AA1500
Sys admin2 DVC AA1501
DVC AA1502
Sec DVC AA1503
Clerk DVC AA1504
Sec 2 DVC AA1505
DVC AA Boardroom1506
Registrar AA1514
Reg AA Sec11515
Reg AA Sec21516
Reg AA Messenger1517
Reg AA clerk1518
Dep Reg Admissions1529
Sec Dep reg Admissions1530
Snr Admin admissions1531
Dep reg academic P&T1549
P&T Reception1550
Admin P&T1551
Clerk P&T1552
Admins P&T1553
Admin Plann & Budget AA1560
Clerk Plann & Budget AA1561
Dep Reg Plann & Budget AA1569
Dep Registrar Examinations1584
Exams SAR1585
Exams SAA 11586
Exams SAA 21587
Exams Reception1588
Exams Clerk 1-Jumanne1589
Exams Clerk 2 James1590
Examinations Clerk 31591
Exams Messenger1592
Exams Executive SODEL1593
Dep Reg Senate Secretariat1614
Sec Senate secretariat1615
Clerks Senate Secretariat1616
Admins Senatee Secretariat1617
Director DAQA1629
Dep director DAQA1630
Snr Admin asst DAQA1631
Admin asst DAQA1632
Clerk 1 DAQA1633
Clerk 2 DAQA1634
Clerk 3 DAQA1635
Clerk 4 DAQA1636
Clerk 5 DAQA1637
Clerk 6 DAQA1638
clerk/sec DAQA1639
DAQA office 1 NSC1640
DAQA office 2 NSC1641
BPS director1649
Sec BPS1650
Admin 1 BPS1651
Admin 2 BPS1652
Admin 3 BPS1653
Clerk BPS1654
Sec 2 BPS1655
Director gender & mentoring1669
Dep director gender1670
Admin gender1671
Sec gender & mentoring1672
Counselor St welfare1684
Anti-narcotics Sec1685
Counsellor 2 welfare1686
Counsellor 3 welfare1687
Counsellor 4 welfare1688
Counsellor 5 welfare1689
Counsellor 6 welfare1690
Principal counsellor1691
Admin welfare1692
Mail Registry1693
Student dean1694
Dep student dean1695
Snr Asst student dean1696
Chaplain Protestant1697
Chaplain Catholic1698
Sec Chaplian catholic1699
Sec Dean of Students1700
Mail Reg Dean of Students1701
Director sports1709
Sec Sports1710
Office 2 sports1711
Office 3 sports1712
office 4 sports1713
staff recreation centre1714
Swimming pool1715
Librarian office LS1724
Librarian AP1725
Reference 11726
Reference 21727
Acquisition LIB1728
Processing 1 LIB1729
Processing 2 LIB1730
Circulation LIB1731
IT LIB1732
Bindery LIB1733
Circulation LIB 21734
SEC Library1735
Dep Uni Librarian 11736
Dep Uni Librarian 21737
Security Library1738
Reception SODeL1754
Director SODeL1755
Admin Asst SODeL1756
Inst Designers SODeL1757
registry Sodel1758
Registrar’s sodel1759
Admin asst sodel rm 11760
Admin asst sodel rm 31761
Dep registrar sodel1762
Dep director Sodel1763
Reception 2 SODEL1764
Dep director sodel C & D1765
Admin Asst sodel C & D1766
Reception sodel C & D1767
Principal COHRED1794
Sec COHRED1795
Admin COHRED1796
Student registry COHRED1797
Comp lab COHRED1798
Exams COHRED1799
Chairperson DS1814
Sec DS1815
Clerk DDS1816
Prog Coordinat DS1817
Research & consult DS1818
Exam offcr DS1819
Chair postgrad DS1820
postgrad advisor DS1821
Project coordinat DS1822
Trip coordinator DS1823
Chairperson MTAC1829
Sec MTAC1830
Attach coordinat MTAC1831
SCDS Admin1832
Clerk SCDS1833
Exam Offcr MTAC1834
Chair postgrad MTAC1835
Sec dean SCDS1836
SCDS Studio1837
Trip coordinat MTAC1838
Chaiperson CLL1844
Sec CLL1845
Clerk MTAC1846
Research & consult CLL1847
Exam offcr CLL1848
Dean sch of business1874
Reception sch of business1875
Chairman buss admin1876
CLB lab A1877
CLB lab B1878
Chairman econ acc fin1884
Sec econ acc fin1885
Lecturer econ acc rm 111886
Lecturer econ acc rm 121887
Lecturer econ acc rm 151888
lecturer econ acc rm 161889
post grad cord DBA1899
Sec buss admin1900
Lecturer buss admin rm 131901
Lecturer buss admin rm 321902
Lecturer buss admin rm 141903
Dean SEPM1914
Sec SEPM1915
Clerk 1 SEPM1916
Clerk 2 SEPM1917
Chair ent tech lead manage1918
Sec ent tech lead manage1919
Clerk ent tech lead manage1920
Prof namusonge1921
Chairperson proc & log1929
Sec proc & log1930
Clerk proc & log1931
Dean Agriculture1944
Admin Agriculture1945
Sec Agriculture1946
Clerk Agriculture1947
Chairman food science1954
Sec chairman food science1955
Dr Wawire food scie1956
prof muhoho food scie1957
Mrs Wandati food scie1958
Dr Maina food scie1959
prof makokha food scie1960
food microbio lab1961
post harvest lab1962
Mr Kahenya food scie1963
Dr Sila food scie1964
Dr imathiu food scie1965
Dr kiage food scie1966
Prof Njoroge food scie1967
Dr Kyalo food scie1968
Food microbio lab 21969
Dr Onyango food scie1970
Prof kenji food scie1971
Dr Owino food scie1972
Dr kinyuru food scie1973
Lab food scie ALB1974
comp rm food scie1975
chief tech food scie1976
Prof Mwasaru food scie1977
Kinundu food science1978
Chairman land res & plan1994
Sec land res & plan1995
Dr Francis Nyonge1996
Dr Thuo/Kulecho land res1997
Dr Mburu land res1998
Dr mburu john land res1999
prof Ndegwa land res2000
prof Lenga land res2001
Dr Njoge2002
technologist 1 horticulture2034
technologist 2 horticulture2035
prof Kahangi horticulture2036
COD horticulture2037
Prof Abukutsa horticulture2038
Prof Githiri horticult2039
prof Kamau horticult2040
prof jecinta horticult2041
prof Kavoi horticult2042
prof Losenge horticult2043
Prof nyende horticult2044
Dr Elisha horticult2045
Dr Njoroge horticult2046
Dr Wesonga horticult2047
Dr Wanzala2048
Dr Agnes horticult2049
Dr Hunja horticult2050
Dr Lucy/Adimo horticult2051
mr Kinoti horticult2052
Mr wainaina horticult2053
Mr Mwanzia/Maithya horticul2054
Ms naomi horticult2055
Ms lilian horticult2056
chief tech horticult2057
Prof Elija Ateka Horticul2058
Sec Horticulture2059
ms Rose horticult2060
Dr. Mamati Horticulture2061
principal COETEC2109
Sec COETEC2110
D/Registrar COETEC2111
Snr Asst reg COETEC2112
Admin Asst COETEC2113
Clerk COETEC2114
Messenger COETEC2115
manager Eng workshop2134
chief tech eng workshop2135
Masonry shop2136
Carpentry shop2137
Welding shop2138
Mathew Ndeto2139
Machine shop2140
IPI shop2141
Fitting shop2142
Foundry shop2143
Comp rm Eng Wrkshp2144
Plumbing shop2145
Sec Eng wrkshp Manager2146
Lib rm Eng wrkshp2147
Tricycle office eng wrkshp2148
Engine rm eng wrkshp2149
Dean SEEIE2159
Sec SEEIE2160
Clerk SEEIE2161
Admin SEEIE2162
Chairman elec eng2169
Prof nderu elec eng2170
Prof Kangethe elec eng2171
Dr kamau elec eng2172
Dr Murage elec eng2173
Dr Kaberere elec eng2174
eng Mbugua elec eng2175
Mr Baariu elec eng2176
Mr Kivuva elec eng2177
mercy/irene/samson elec eng2178
chief tech elec eng2179
Electronics lab 12180
Electronics lab 22181
comp lab elec eng2182
digital lab elec eng2183
machines lab2184
COD office elec eng2185
Install wrksp elec eng2186
High voltage lab elec eng2187
Sec COD elec eng2188
Philomena Waruhari2189
Mr. Riitho Elec Eng2190
Eng. Weru TIE2195
Basic Lab TIE2196
Telecommunication Lab TIE2197
Lab 3 TIE2198
Lecturer 2 TIE2199
Chief Tech TIE2200
Sec TIE2201
Mr. Irungu TIE2202
Manager Printery2211
Front office Printery2212
Back office Printery2213
Photocopy Printery2214
Dean SCEGE2224
Sec dean SCEGE2225
Admin SCEGE2226
Clerk SCEGE2227
Chairman Civil2239
Sec Civil2240
Exams Coord civil2241
Dr. JK Mwangi2242
Mrs. Kibetu Civil2243
Prof Gariy Civil2244
Mr. Winja Civil2245
Comp Lab Civil2246
Mr. Munyi civil2247
Mr. Hinga civil2248
Doris civil2249
Mr. Karugu Civil2250
Eng Kiptala2251
Eng Karimi civil2252
Eng Wangai civil2253
Prof Oyawa civil2254
Prof Mayabi civil2255
Mr. Mulei civil2256
Mr. Mutua civil2257
Dr. Kazungu Civil2258
Mrs. Kakoi civil2259
Chief tech GEGIS2264
Lecturer 1 GEGIS2265
Chairman Academic GEGIS2266
Exam Coordinator GEGIS2267
Survey Lab GEGIS2269
Digital & Geodetic Lab2270
Lecturer 2 GEGIS2271
Lecturer 3 GEGIS2272
Chairman GEGIS2273
Sec GEGIS2274
Dean SOMMME2304
Sec dean SOMMME2305
Admin SOMMME2306
Clerk SOMMME2307
Eng BK Kariuki mech eng2319
Kibiro Mec2320
Tom waka Fluids Lab2321
metrology lab mech eng2322
Dr. Wanjili2323
chairman mech eng2324
Sec mech eng2325
SK Ngugi mech eng2326
R. Njihia Mech Eng2327
COD 2 mech eng2328
Exams mech eng2329
prof Kihiu mech eng2330
Mr Gitahi mech eng2331
Mr Mutua mech eng2332
Prof S maranga mech eng2333
Kenneth Kiragu mech eng2334
Dr. Kiplimo Marine Eng2335
Prof Ngang’a mech eng2336
Thermo Lab Mech Eng2337
Mr Oketch mech eng2338
Dr Muvengei mech eng2339
John Odhiambo mech eng2340
Mr Weramwanjamech eng2341
undergrad comp rm mech eng2342
Dr. Bruno Mech Eng2343
Matl Sci Mech Eng2344
D’Oketch Electrical Eng.2345
Vib & Control Lab2354
Mechatronic Lab2355
Lecturer 1 mechatronics2356
Lecturer 2 mechatronics2357
Lecturer 3 mechatronics2358
Sec mechatronics2359
Chairman mechatronics2360
Lecturer 4 mechatronics2361
Lecturer 5 mechatronics2362
COD Sec BEED2384
Prof Inoti BEED2385
Prof Shitanda BEED2386
Prof Mati BEED2387
Pof Gathenya BEED2388
Prof Home BEED2389
Prof Kaluli BEED2390
Prof Kanali BEED2391
Prof Mailutha BEED2392
Prof Ndegwa BEED2393
Teaching Assist BEED2394
Dr Ajwang BEED2395
Dr Mugucia BEED2396
S Weru BEED2397
Alfayo Anyangu BEED2398
Technicians BEED2399
Chief Technologist BEED2400
Computer room BEED2401
Soil lab BEED2402
J S Maina BEED2403
Dr SW Mugasia BEED2404
Eng S Njuguna BEED2405
Dr Mutwiwa BEED2406
Chairman BEED2407
Admin BEED2408
Dean SABS2429
Sec dean SABS2430
Associate dean SABS2431
Admin 1 SABS2432
Admin 2 SABS2433
Chairman Architecture2444
Sec Architecture2445
exams architecture2446
Lecturer 1 architecture2447
Lecturer 2 architecture2448
Lecturer 3 architecture2449
photo lab architecture2450
Comp lab architecture2451
Library architecture2452
material rm architecture2453
Chief tech architecture2454
environ lab architecture2455
Wamwangi architecture2456
Dr Kibue architecture2457
Mr Kamaru architecture2458
Prof Crispin architecture2459
Mr kioko architecture2460
mr Misiani architecture2461
COD Const mgmt2474
Sec constr mgmt2475
Examination constr mgmt2476
Phd rm 1 const mgmt2477
Phd rm 2 const mgmt2478
Gatuhi/Saiva office2479
Tech const mgmt2480
Comp lab const mgmt2481
Prof Otoki const mgmt2482
Muriithi/Kamotho const mgmt2483
Dr Alkizim/Mutie const mgmt2484
Dr Diang’a/Wanyona constr2485
Dr Kiplimo/Masudi2486
Dr Munala/Gwaya const mgmt2487
Chairman landscape arch2504
Sec landscape arch2505
Exams Landscape arch2506
Technicians landscape arch2507
Technicians 2 landscape arc2508
Ms. Muchogu-landArch2509
principal COPAS2534
College registrar COPAS2535
Sec 1 COPAS2536
Sec 2 COPAS2537
Exam officer COPAS2538
Dean SPS Copas2539
Student information COPAS2540
SPS exam officer COPAS2541
COPAS SSP Registry2542
Dean biological sciences2549
Sec bio sciences2550
Clerical bio sciences2551
exams bio sciences2552
Admin bio sciences2553
Dr Makobe botany2564
Dr Njenga botany2565
Dr Wakibia botany2566
Prof Muigai botany2567
Dr Mwangi botany2568
Prof Matiru botany2569
Dr Kuyah/Karanja botany2570
Dr Gichua botany2571
Prof Grace botany2572
Prof Ngumi botany2573
Prof Ochora botany2574
Botany GK Lab2575
Ndwiga botany2576
Chairman botany2577
Sec botany2578
Prof Waihenya zoology2594
Prof Mutugi zoology2595
Prof Gikunju zoology2596
Prof Kutima zoology2597
Dr Ogila zoology2598
Dr Onyambu zoology2599
Dr Muya zoology2600
Dr kamuya zoology2601
Chairman zoology2602
sec zoology2603
Chief technician zoology2604
lab zoology2605
Museum lab zoology2606
Rose Githenji zoology2607
Secretary chem2639
Lecturer 2 chem2640
Lecturer 3 chem2641
Chairman chemistry2642
prof 1 chem2643
prof 2 chem2644
prof 3 chem2645
prof 4 chem2646
prof 5 chem2647
snr lecturer 12648
snr lecturer 22649
Chem lab2650
GK Labs2651
Reception chem2652
Chief Tech Physics2674
Chief Tech Phy Chege2675
Snr Tech 2 physics2676
Snr Tech 3 physics2677
Chairman physics2678
Sec Physics2679
prof PK Karanja physics2680
Receptionist physics2681
Dr M karowe physics2682
Dr JN Kamau physics2683
Dr Kihara physics2684
Dr Timonah physics2685
Dr Kinyua physics2686
Dr Calvin Ominde physics2687
Prof david mulati physics2688
DR Ndeda Physics2689
Dr. Mutuku Physics2690
Snr Tech Chem Nderitu2691
Hief Tech Physics Kirima2692
Dean mathematical scie2709
Sec sch of mathematical s2710
exam office SMS2711
Prof Peter Mwita SMS2712
chairman mathematics2724
Sec mathematics2725
Lab tech 1 mathematics2726
Lab tech 2 mathematics2727
exams office mathematics2728
prof Uppal mathematics2729
prof Kinyanjui mathematics2730
Theuri mathematics2731
Barini/Sigei mathematics2732
Waweru/Njogu mathematics2733
Kwanza/Akanga mathematics2734
Luvaha/Okelo mathematics2735
nyaga Lewis mathematics2736
Kangethe/Kariuki mathematic2737
Kiogora mathematics2738
chairman statistics2754
Sec statistics2755
Coord Bsc stat/finacial eng2756
coordinator actuarial 3 & 42757
Lab statistcs NSC grnd flr2758
coordinator actuarial 1 & 22759
coordinator bridging maths2760
associate chairman nrb cent2761
Dr George Orwa statistics2762
coordinator fin eng 3 & 42763
Prof Mwita statistics2764
coordinator postgraduate2765
Coordinator service courses2766
Prof Romanus Odhiambo2768
Tech Lab 12769
Chief Tech statistics2770
Statistics lab hall 72771
COD computing2804
Sec Computing2805
Lab SCC 1012806
Lab SCC 1052807
Lab SCC 1062808
Lab SCC 1072809
Lab SCC 1082810
Exam offcr Computing2811
Chief tech Computing2812
Lab hall 7 rm 292813
Prof Waweru computing2814
Dr Cheruiyot comput2815
J Wainaina computing2816
Dr J Wafula Computing2817
Dr Okeyo computing2818
Dr Kimani computing2819
Dr Kimwele computing2820
Director’s office computing2821
Admin SCIT2822
Sec SCIT2823
Reception Computing2824
Clerk SCIT2825
Sec IT2834
Dep director IT2835
Admin IT2836
Exams IT2837
info registry IT2838
Diana IT2839
Projects IT2840
Attachment IT2841
chief tech IT2842
Chairman IT2843
Boardroom IT2844
Lecturers office IT2845
comp lab 1 IT2846
comp lab 2 IT2847
comp lab 3 IT2848
comp lab 4 IT2849
comp lab 5 IT2850
comp lab 6 IT2851
comp lab 7 IT2852
resource office IT2853
Lecturer 1 IT2854
Lecturer 2 IT2855
Lecturer 3 IT2856
Principal COHES2869
Sec principal COHES2870
Admin COHES2871
college registrar COHES2872
Sys Admin COHES2873
college accountant COHES2874
Dep principal COHES2875
Admin 2 COHES2876
Exams COHES2877
Student registry COHES2878
Chairman biochem2889
Sec biochem2890
Prof Imbuga biochem2891
Dr Nyambati biochem2892
Prof Naomi biochem2893
Dr Ger biochem2894
Prof Magiri biochem2895
Biochem lab 12896
Biochem lab 22897
Biochem lab 32898
Research Fellow RPE2899
Dr. Kinyua Biochem2900
Prof. Kariuki Biochem2901
NNSC Biochem LAB2902
Sec MLS2920
Animal Hse2921
Pincipal MLS2922
Exam Officer MLS2923
Parasitology Lab2924
Comp Lab MLS2925
Lecturer MLS2926
Radiography MLS2927
Haematology Lab2928
dean nursing3019
Sec dean nursing3020
COD nursing & midwifery3021
Sec COD nursing & midwifery3022
COD comm health & research3023
Sec comm health & research3024
Exams Nursing3025
Admin nursing3026
Skills lab nursing3027
dean pharmacy3028
Sec dean pharmacy3029
COD pharmacology3030
Sec COD pharmacology3031
COD pharmaceutics3032
Sec COD pharmaceutics3033
Exams Pharmacy3034
lab 1 pharmacy3035
lab 2 pharmacy3036
lab 3 pharmacy3037
Chairman Microbiology3038
Sec microbiology3039
Dean public health3059
sec dean public health3060
COD public health3061
Sec COD public health3062
Exams public health3063
Admin public health3064
lecturers public health3065
Dean sch of med3089
Sec Dean sch of med3090
COD medicine3091
Sec COD medicine3092
COD pathology3093
Sec COD pathology3094
Anatomy lab3095
Physiology lab3096
admin sch of med3097
student reg sch of med3098
lecturers sch of med3099
Sec DVC RPE3125
Sec 2 DVC RPE3126
Clerk RPE Registry3127
Sec RPE Registry3128
RPE Boardroom3129
Registrar RPE3144
Sec Registrar RPE3145
Admin Asst RPE3146
Sec JICA3159
Chief advisor JICA3160
scientific editor3161
Ogot Research3162
Director JICA3163
Sec Director JICA3164
HOD production3184
Admin Production3185
Clerk Production3186
Research director3209
Extension director3210
Snr Extension offcr3211
Dep registrar Extension3212
production officer3213
reception ext & tech3214
Admin asst ext & tech3215
HOD Linkages3239
Clerk Linkages3240
Sec Linkages3241
Admin Linkages3242
Director production3243
Admin research linkages3244
IGU acct linkages3245
Monitorig & eval linkages3246
Sec FOTEC3264
Manager FOTEC3265
Sales shop FOTEC3266
Instant noodle wrkshop3267
Bakery workshop3268
Fruit & veg wrkshp3269
Dairy/meat wrkshp3270
Food eng lab3271
water bottling plant3272
postharvest lab3273
Director JKUAT Ent3274
Sec JKUAT Ent3275
Gen Mgr JKUAT Ent3276
Finance office JKUAT Ent3277
Manager CPC3294
Reception CPC3295
Lab CPC3296
Technician CPC3297
Reception UCCD3314
Sec UCCD3315
Admin UCCD3316
Director UCCD3317
DR Onguso3339
IBR New Lab3340
IBR Researchers office3341
Molecular biology lab3342
Comm tissue culture lab3343
Tissue culture research lab3344
Soil steri lab3345
Organic Farming3346
Biotech research hse3347
Director IBR3348
Sec IBR3349
Admin IBR3350
Messenger IBR3351
Director IEET3364
Admin IEET3365
Research fellow IEET3366
Reception IEET3367
Technologist 1 IEET3368
Technologist 2 IEET3369
Research 1 IEET3370
Research 2 IEET3371
Research 3 IEET3372
Director SAJOREC3444
Reception SAJOREC3445
Admin SAJOREC3446
Research SAJOREC3447
Clerk JAST3448
Admin JAST3449
Farm manager3469
Sec Farm/Research3470
Farm crops3471
Farm store3474
Poultry Unit3475
veterinary office3476
halls manager3484
Dep Halls manager3485
Reception halls3486
system clerk halls3487
Maint office halls3488
housekeeper hall 13489
housekeeper hall 23490
housekeeper hall 33491
housekeeper hall 43492
housekeeper hall 53493
housekeeper hall 63494
housekeeper Sumitomo3495
supervisor hall 63496
bookshop counter3504
Bookshop manager3505
Bookshop attendant3506
Bookshop reception3507
Admin Council3540
Assist Legal Officer3541
Academic reg Naomy4001
Acad Reg Simon Bush4002
Acad reg Mary/Mburu4003
Acad Reg Susan4004
Acad Reg Nancy4005
Director Aliso4012
Secretary Aliso4013
Administrator Aliso4014
Clerk Aliso4015
DVC Finance4022
DVC finance sec 14023
DVC finance sec 24024
DVC Finance Sec 34025
Uni projects Coordinator4032
Uni Project Coord Sec4033
University projects 24034
Director ICEOD4040
Asst. Director ICEOD4041
Administrator ICEOD4042
Secretary ICEOD4043
Messenger/cleaner ICEOD4044
AVAYA Support 25001
Microbio lab karen6005
ICT 1 Karen6006
ICT 2 Karen6007
ICT 3 Karen6008
Biochem lab karen6009
IT Lab karen6010
academic Sec Karen6011
academic exams 1 Karen6012
academic exams 2 karen6013
Director Karen Campus6014
Reception Acad Karen6015
Principal Karen Campus6020
Sec principal karen6021
Recept principal karen6022
snr asst reg karen6023
sec snr asst reg karen6024
Conference 1 karen6025
Conference 2 karen6026
Asst Registrar karen6031
Sec admission karen6032
Admission karen6033
Registry Karen6034
Central services karen6035
Security karen6040
Gate karen6041
Caterer Karen6042
Karen Customer care office6044
bookshop karen6045
Incharge finance karen6051
Sec finance6052
Accountant 1 Karen6053
Accountant 2 Karen6054
Accoutant 3 Karen6055
Finance Sec Karen6056
lib bk processing karen6061
Librarian karen6062
circ lib karen6063
periodicals lib karen6064
Dean sch of law karen6071
Admin sch of law karen6072
Sec sch of law karen6073
Mr. Aming’a Lecturer Karen6074
Koyier|Kamangu Lecturers Ka6075
Arwa|Mwimali Lecturers Kare6076
Wahu |Oluoch Lecturers Kare6077
Kyalo|Simiyu Lecturers Kare6078
Sec Public Law6080
Sec Private Law6085
consultation rm 2 hosp kare6089
pharmacy karen6090
Hospital lab Karen6091
Incharge Health unit Karen6092
Secretary Hospital Karen6093
COD academic karen6101
exams IT karen6102
COD IT karen6103
Timetabler IT karen6104
Coordinat BCOM karen6105
Coordinator BMASS comm Kare6106
Coordinator BPSM Karen6107
Coordinator Postgraduate Ka6108
Secretary BSS Karen6109
Coordinator DIT Karen6110
Sec IT and Computing Karen6111
sports & games karen6114
COD applied scie karen6115
coordinat applied scie6116
recptn app scie karen6117
Sec estates karen6126
Incharge estates karen6127
electrician karen6128
Chaplains office Karen6131
Assistant Dean Karen6132
Recept Dean Stud Karen6133
Students Councello’s Karen6134
IT maths csc karen6135
principal Westlands6501
Sec principal westlands6502
Director westlands6503
Sec director westlands6504
Snr finance offcr westlands6505
Asst finance westlands6506
Accountant 1 westlands6507
HOD IT & comput westlands6508
HOD DBAS westlands6509
Registrar westlands6510
Asst registrar westlands6511
Customer care westlands6512
Academic reg westlands6513
Personnel reg Westlands6514
Dean of students westlands6515
Clinic offcr westlands6516
Pharmacy westlands6517
procurement offcr westlands6518
Server rm westlands6519
Technical westlands6520
cafeteria westlands6521
Accountant 2 westlands6522
Sec 2 principal westlands6523
Exams offcr Westlands6524
Academics Westlands6525
Clinic Lab westlands6526
ICT co-ord westlands6527
ICT Officer westlands6528
chief Librarian westlands6530
Librarians westlands6531
Security Westlands6532
caretaker Westlands6533
HOD HRD westlands6534
Estates westlands6535
Director NCBD6601
Dep Director NCBD6602
Accounts NCBD6605
Admin NCBD6606
Comp Lab NCBD6607
Exams NCBD6608
Library NCBD6609
Caretaker NCBD6610
avaya nakuru template6800
Director Nakuru6811
Deputy Director Nakuru6812
Secretary Director Nakuru6813
Board Room Nakuru6814
Reception main exch nakuru6821
Receptionist Nakuru6822
Computer lab3 nakuru6823
Bookshop Nakuru6824
Registry Admin Nakuru6831
Administrator Nakuru6832
Accounts Clerk Nakuru6841
Accountant Nakuru6842
Security Officer Nakuru6843
Computer Lab1 Nakuru6851
Computer Lab2 Nakuru6852
Librarian Nakuru6853
Exam office Nakuru6854
Sports and Games Nakuru6861
Coordinator1 Nakuru6862
Coordinator2 Nakuru6863
Server Room Nakuru6871
avaya kisii template6900
Director Kisii6901
Deputy Director Kisii6902
Sec Director Kisii6903
COD IT Dept Kisii6911
COD HRD Dept Kisii6912
COD Health Sci Dept Kisii6913
Administrator Kisii6921
Registry Kisii6922
Accounts Kisii6923
Server room Kisii6931
Accounts 26932
Board room Kisii6933
Examinations Kisii6941
Library Kisii6942
Secretary Kisii6951
JKUSO Kisii6961
Security Kisii6962
Cleaner Kisii6963
Director Kisii campus7101
Dep director Kisii7102
COD IT & Maths Kisii7103
COD social scie Kisii7104
COD health scie Kisii7105
Admin Kisii Campus7106
Sec kisii campus7107
registry Kisii campus7108
Accounts Kisii campus7109
exams kisii campus7110
Library kisii7111
comp lab kisii7112
Security kisii7113
Estates kisii campus7114
Kitchen kisii campus7115
Store kisii campus7116