NETFUND Benchmarks with JKUAT.

The Directorate of Performance Contracting and Appraisal (DiPCA) recently hosted a high-level team from the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) who visited Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) for benchmarking on performance contracting. NETFUND is a state corporation under the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities. It was established to facilitate research intended to further the requirements of environmental management, capacity building, environmental awards, environmental publications, scholarships and grants.

The meeting was attended by 9 officers of NETFUND, including the CEO Ms. Catherine Ndegwa and a Member of the NETFUND Board of Trustees, Prof. Losenge Turoop, who is one of our own as an Associate Professor in the Horticulture Department.  The session was aimed at building capacity for NETFUND management in the development, implementation, reporting and evaluation of corporate performance contracts and reports. NETFUND will be preparing its first performance contract in the FY 2016/2017. Previously, it was considered under the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Director DiPCa takes the NETFUND Officers through the PC Process.

Director DiPCa takes the NETFUND Officers through the PC Process.

The session was conducted by the Director DiPCA, Prof. John M. Wesonga and covered among other topics: the overview of performance contracting, the Government Performance Contracting Cycle, the performance contract structure, identification of prescribed and operational performance indicators, setting of performance targets and units of measurements, assigning of weights, signing, reporting and evaluation of achieved performance against set targets.. The Director emphasised the importance of aligning performance contracts with the cycle of PC Guidelines issued by the Government, and institutional strategic plans, Acts establishing the institution, previous year’s contracts, national development plans and documents, and global development agenda.

The visitors were also given an overview of the JKUAT staff performance appraisal process, aspects of an individual performance contract, and functions of DiPCA.

The Director concluded his remarks by giving the JKUAT experience with the Performing Contract process since 2004/2005. Areas addressed in this segment included the observations made, key achievements and challenges. The session was concluded with an interactive questions and answer section.

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