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Staff are reminded that the 4th and final Quarter   (1st April to 30th June 2023) of the FY 2022/2023 contract period has elapsed. Staff are therefore reminded to compile their 2022/2023 4th Quarter Reports and submit them to DiPPCA before 28th July 2023 for purposes of monitoring and evaluation of their performance.

Kindly be informed that performance contracting has been integrated into Staff Performance Appraisal. Staff who either do not sign contracts or do not submit reports are likely to obtain very low scores. To avoid poor appraisal scores, staff and HODs are urged to comply with performance contracting requirements and timelines.

Kindly ensure that you have already submitted your 2022/2023 Performance Contract as you submit the Quarterly reports.

Those who have complied may ignore the message.

DiPPCA is ready to assist any staff or department where there are difficulties.

  1. To avoid back and forth  returning of non-compliant forms, you are encouraged to send soft copies of contracts and reports to for review and further advice before printing. 
  2. DiPPCA also offers training of staff at the request of the HoDs on how to fill Performance Contracts and Reports.
Attached below please find the templates for Performance Contracts and Reporting forms to enable you to fill and submit to DiPPCA.

Staff may also utilize various online resources including those listed below to understand the process and participate effectively in the process.

NOTE: Plans are at an advanced stage to roll out Performance Management on the HRMIS Platform. Staff are therefore requested to formulate their 2023/2024  Performance Contracts in the usual way as they await instructions on how to upload them on the HRMIS Performance Management Module by the end of July.

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    • Staff Performance Contract Form F-2-53-1-1: Individual Staff Performance Contract. This is the template for contracts between individual staff and their Heads of Departments.
    • Appraisal Guidelines: This provides guidelines for the staff appraisal system.
    • Staff PC Reporting Form IPQR -2-53-1-2: Individual PC Reporting Form. This form is to be used by individual staff to report on their achievements on quarterly basis.
    • Form-F-2-53-1-1 Annex. Individual Staff Performance Guidelines (Annex). This an annex to the the template for contracts between individual staff and their Heads of Departments that provides brief guidelines on performance indicators and target setting as well performance evaluation.


Tutorial 1: Preparation of Individual Staff Performance Contract

Tutorial 2: Preparation of Quarterly Staff Performance Contract Reports

Tutorial 3: Evaluation of Staff Performance

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Dr. Charles O. Gaya, PhD

Director – Directorate of Performance Contracting and Appraisal

Associate Professor – Department of Horticulture

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

P.O. Box 62000 – 00200 Nairobi