In line with the paperless policy currently being implemented by the University and also to be able to deal with the increasing workload from the growing student numbers. The Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance together with ICT Department (DAQA) automated the student/lecturer evaluation exercise that is usually conducted every semester. The Directorate piloted with College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC) and School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) for the mid semester evaluation.
All students are required to evaluate their lecturers through the system as DAQA continues to roll out the system to the rest of the Departments in the University. This evaluation can be done by login in into the JKUAT students’ portal ( their log in details.Once logged in click on the EVALUATION icon  and evaluate all the lecturer that taught in that semester.

As a directorate we hope that the exercise will be successful and it will help in improving the quality of learning and teaching in the University.