Academic Quality Assurance provides an approach to the management of academic quality standards of programmes offered in JKUAT campuses, constituent university colleges and/or approved collaborating institutions.

In order to ensure that the quality of learning, teaching, research, creativity, innovation and community service activities maintain the aspiration of excellence as declared in the vision and mission statements, the University is keen on what it does and adapts to changing realities where necessary. The University aspires to provide accessible, current, relevant and market-driven programmes delivered through innovative, creative and pioneering technologies.

In this respect, the JKUAT quality assurance policies, procedures and guidelines provide a framework within which this can be achieved.DAQA (Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance)is the office mandated with mounting and implementation of the internal Academic Quality Assurance policies, procedures and guidelines. These are outlined in the Academic Quality Assurance Policy, the QMS procedures (PM-2-28-1, PM-2-28-2, PM-2-28-3, PM-2-28-4), and other University documents.