Quality can be defined in different ways depending on the stakeholder. In all definitions, there is an element of relativity. I get the following definition cross cutting all the different types of definitions: Quality refers to the standards that must be met to achieve specified purposes to the satisfaction of customers. There are other associated terms to quality; quality assurance, total quality management, quality control, quality audit, quality assessment and continuous quality improvement. DAQA will endeavor to ensure that JKUAT delivers as per the charter cognizance of quality definition in line with all quality terms. In this, we will ensure that we work closely and corporately with all the academic oriented divisions. The DAQA strategic objectives are:

  1. To facilitate self-assessment of academic programs in collaboration with parent departments.
  2. To improve timelines on student lecturer evaluation by improving online system of evaluation
  3. To conduct academic quality audits in all JKUAT Campuses.
  4. To advice departments on the status of the existing programmes in terms of review.
  5. To validate/verify all new and revised programmes forwarded to DAQA to ensure their adherence to academic quality regulations within 15 days after receiving from parent department.

The driving factor is our University Vision of becoming a global University of Excellency in Training, Research and Innovation for development.

It is my sincere hope that as we work passionately together, JKUAT will not only become a house hold name, but a brand name.