Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance

History of Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance (DAQA)
The University has been providing and monitoring quality of its programmes for years and it became necessary that these activities be coordinated from central office. This led to the establishment of the Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance (DAQA) in June, 2008 to among others functions implement the academic quality assurance policy. The Directorate seeks to bring about and promote a culture change in students, staff and other stakeholders thinking about quality education and strongly maintains that its role is not to serve as an agent to enforce academic quality but rather, to help staff highlight their professional worth through quality service.

1.    To annually facilitate self assessment of all academic programmes as per the schedule.
2.    To continously monitor the quality of teaching at delivery points.
3.    To annually conduct quality audit of JKUAT affiliate institutions as per the schedule.
4.    To facilitate the review of all academic programmes after their full cycle.
5.    To continously validate/verify new academic programmes as per academic quality assurance regulations.

To be a leading Directorate in academic quality assurance

To ensure and enhance academic quality assurance in all programmes within the University, campuses and affiliated institutions

Core Values

  • Quality. The Directorate shall monitor the quality of teaching and programmes to ensure the satisfaction of her customers and stakeholders
  • Productivity and Team Work.The staff shall collaborate with each other and stakeholders to promote optimum performance and team spirit to achieve the Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives of the Directorate
  • Transparency and Accountability.The Directorate shall uphold a culture of ethics, transparency and accountability in dealing with her stakeholders
  • Professionalism. The Directorate shall uphold and promote high standards of expertise and professionalism in all her mandates.
  • Innovation.The Directorate shall endeavor to utilize the latest, up to date and most appropriate technology in achieving her objectives
  • Integrity. The Directorate shall promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility
  • Self Development. The Directorate shall endeavor to provide opportunities for self development to her staff

Postal Adress:
The Director,
Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance, JKUAT,
P.O. Box 62,000 – 00200 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-06752711, ext 4116
Fax: 254 067 52446

List of Staff at the Directorate

Prof. David M. Mulati
Position: Director
Gabriel Njuguna
Position: Senior Administrative Assistant
Emmaculate Gitonga
Position: Administrative Assistant
Ms. Caroline Mashuli
Position: Clerk
Ms. Mercy Oteri
Position: Data Entry Clerk
Ms. Elizabeth Y. Amukobole
Position: Data Entry Clerk
Mr. Jummanne E. Oluoch
Position: Data Entry Clerk