Directorate of Intellectual Property Management and University-Industry Liaison (DIPUIL)

In the course of studies, research or employment, University students and staff create inventions and other forms of intellectual property that can be of benefit to the society. In accordance to the research mission of the university, JKUAT seeks dissemination of such inventions and intellectual property to the society. This directorate provides a framework for developing and recognizing intellectual property, legal protection of intellectual property, exploitation and commercialization of intellectual property, dissemination for public benefit, equitable sharing of benefits arising from intellectual property, and the rights and responsibilities of the University, staff, and students with respect to ownership and administration of intellectual property. Further, the directorates aids in defining ownership of IP and IPRs, and responsibilities of members of staff, students, and visiting researchers with regards to protected materials, research, scholarly works and research contract.



What’s New?

Recognizing the need to ensure that any knowledge and technology resulting from the university is made available to the society, it is important to encourage inventiveness, innovativeness and creative activities performed by any person working under the auspices of the university in accordance with the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012 and Section 20 of JKUAT Charter of 2013. In order to encourage the development and maximum accessibility of discoveries, it is necessary to obtain the intellectual property rights and that such rights have the potential to result in benefits to the research mission of the university, the government and citizens of Kenya. JKUAT hereby adopts this Intellectual Property Management Policy on all matters relating to the management of innovations, inventions, creations and associated intellectual property rights as well as their commercialization. To ensure that the university implements this Policy and maximizes on the benefits arising from its intellectual property, the university has established a Directorate of Intellectual Property Management and University-Industry Liaison (DIPUIL) that consists of an Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) and University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO). It is anticipated that this Policy will serve as a useful guide for management and commercialization of intellectual property rights and related issues at the university.