Improve your communication skills

Presentation is a potentially effective method of communication, especially to

groups given restricted contact time, often just a few minutes. It is one of the

managerial skills which a manager must acquire. Presentation has the power to

influence perceptions, empathy and understanding, thereby achieving collective

decision making much more effectively. In project management, presentations are used as a formal

method for bringing people together to plan, monitor, review progress, evaluate outcomes and share

knowledge. A presentation puts one on display. It gives the presenter a chance to put across their

ideas to a group, while getting their undivided attention. Presentations are also increasingly being used

in job interviews and performance reviews, thus the assessors should be impressed by the skills, ability

or progress made by the candidate. In normal work, a presentation to peers and supervisors can help

improve the performance of an on-going activity, project or report. Critiques and questions should be

taken positively and used to improve on the activity or report. Moreover, a presentation can be fun. It

is the presenter’s chance to speak their mind, to show off achievement or progress, and to tell the

audience things one may never be read. While on stage, the audience is bound by etiquette to sit still,

watch and pay attention, but this happens only if the performance is good. It helps to be an eloquent

speaker, but presentation skills can also be learnt, practised and perfected. However, assessors and the

audience will look for content, not theatrics.

Improve Your Presentation Skills by-Bancy Mati

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