Publication 2012

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2.Effect of rain water harvesting and drip irrigation on crop performance in an Arid and Semi-Arid Environment :By J.W Kaluli,K.Nganga,P.G.Home,J.M Gathenya, A.W Muriuki and A.W Kihurani (2012)

3.water management / conservation / agriculture / yields / investment … mapping work and agricultural water management suitability domains,

4. agricultural water management with the greatest potential to improve incomes. GD Schaible2012Cited by 179 — Keywords: agricultural water conservation, irrigated agricultureirrigation efficiency, … /Farms/Land_in_Farms_and_Land_Use/07-M080-RGBDot1-​largetext.pdf.

6.For analysis of the agricultural water management situation in the various regions …

7.26 Oct 2012 — At the Tisza river basin level, agriculture is an important driver which determines pressures on water resources and which generates point and … M Kumar2012Cited by 8 — Problems, Perspectives and Challenges of Agricultural Water Management. Edited by: Manish Kumar. ISBN 978-953-51-0117-8, PDF ISBN …