Publication 2015

1. S.A. Wheeler and others published Agricultural water management | Find, read and cite all the research you need

2.This note discusses how the impact of agricultural water management in crop. Scaling up results in Agricultural water management.  . e.pdf/3fee0d70-0c04-4744-9e22-1d7e65d8244f

3. Agriculture Water Management…water and development strategies Implementation%20Brief_Jan%202015.pdf

4. Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture under Climate. Agricultural practices, such as soil management, irrigation and fertilizer application and disease and pest control are related with the sustainable water G Burpee2015 — Part 2: Assessing climate change risks for water and appraising agriculture … 3.1.​2 Guiding principles for adaptation through water management . … at http://www.​

6. Agricultural Water Management Projects and Investments … 6 http://www.​ Fig. 1. C Sundin2015 — Figure 3.1b Reference resource system with emphasise on the Water and Agriculture … Unmet water demand for Lake Kyoga Agriculture and Municipal demand sites for all … uganda-kaplan-hydro-plant-advertorial.pdf [Accessed 2015-05-05].