Publication 2016

1. Effect of irrigation schedules and planting methods on yield and water use efficiency of OKRA under Rice RAI-OKRA cropping system. By: Rahuk Kumar,Singh,Tej Pratap,Jagdeep,Chaurasiya,Ved Prakash Singh and Nareen Prakash Singh (2016)

2. Agriculture, water and soil management

3.Irrigation and drainage are two sides of the same coin of water management and for sustainable agricultural development efficient water management should be… K MWADINI2016Cited by 2 — However, it is clear that agricultural uses of water particularly in irrigation agriculture are the most important off stream water uses that are placing an increasing.……pdf?sequence

5.The On Farm Water Management Project (OFWMP) improves agricultural productivity by enhancing efficient use of water. The key project indicators include:

6.CAADP Pillar 1 concerns land and water management and irrigation is one main sector … To develop irrigation for African agriculture, it is necessary to address the … J Jägermeyr2016Cited by 154 — Keywords: sustainable intensification, yield gap, water harvesting, conservation agricultureirrigation efficiency, food security, climate. M Valipour2016Cited by 40 — … Club, Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran. DOI:; |; Published online: 12 Dec 2016. PDF

9. As nearly 90% of global water resources are used for food production, the … Hence, it is essential that effective Agricultural Water Management … /​Rainwater_Harvesting_090310b.pdf; Water and Food Security facing global . M Stubbs2016Cited by 30 — pdf. Figure 2. Percent Change in Irrigated Acres in the United States, 1997-2013. Source: CRS from USDA, … IDSB Costa2016Cited by 1 — Water management in agricultural drylands can strongly influence … water and soil management is key for sustainable farming in these areas. … figures. http://​

12.Water Management including Micro Irrigation Book Free for all Students who is study of B.Sc agriculture, horticulture and related Subjects.