Administrative structure

WARREC is established under the auspices of Research, Production and Extension (RPE) Division of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). The structure of the Centre comprises of WARREC Management Board, and International Advisory Board and a Secretariat. The Secretariat coordinates the activities of the Centre, and is headed by a Director supported by an Administrative Support Unit. The Secretariat has three approved Departments with Departmental Heads for Research, Consultancy and Advocacy, Capacity Building and Outreach. The role of the Departments is to carry out the mandate of the Centre in fulfilling the objectives for which it was established.

Management and International Advisory Boards

WARREC has operational Management and Advisory boards. The management board (WMB) oversees WARREC’s development plans, policies, and operational strategies as well as their implementation and management. The Board also ensures effective organizational, planning and management of the Centre’s resources in line with the goals of the Centre. The International Advisory Board (IAB) advises and informs the Centre of emerging challenges, issues, trends, and opportunities in relevant areas concerning water resources management and development. This helps the Centre to keep its research, capacity building and advocacy programs up-to-date, relevant and dynamic.