Cooperation Areas

a)   Water and environment

  • Land use change and water resources management
  • Climate change /climate variability and water resources mgt
  • Environmental flows, IWRM, water and ecosystems
  • Erosion, sedimentation and nutrient transport
  •  Flood risk assessment & management.

b) Water supply and Sanitation

  • Water supplies – design, planning & management
  • Sanitation– design, planning & development
  • Hygiene and water quality issues,
  • Wastewater management and reuse
  • Dam design and construction
  • Storm water management in urban and rural areas

c)   Water for agriculture

  • Irrigation technologies  & water management
  • Water harvesting, storage & utilization
  • Water management in rainfed systems
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Drainage of excess water

d) Socio-economic dimensions

  • Water policy, institutions and governance
  • Gender dimensions, community water management (e.g. RWUAs)
  • Financing water  development & management

e) Capacity building for the water sector

  • Identifying Knowledge needs
  • Developing Water information  database
  • Developing decision support tools
  • Emerging issues (e.g. climate change)