‘The Knowledge is with the People’: Insights from Professor Bancy Mati

Prof Mati during the interview

Prof Mati during the interview


At the heart of our work on the Nexus Approach is not just the study of how best to manage our environmental resources from the academic perspective, but also looking at how best to implement it from the practitioner’s point of view. In an exclusive interview, Prof. Bancy Mati, a champion of water resources management, shares her insights as both a full professor and registered professional engineer. She is also a member of the UNU-FLORES Advisory Committee.

To read the full interview click on the link: https://flores.unu.edu/en/news/news/the-knowledge-is-with-the-people-insights-from-professor-bancy-mati.html?i=AUlvOhZY


Interview by Atiqah Fairuz Salleh, Communications and Advocacy, The United Nations University



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