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The School and Staff  in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (STACS) of the  Jomo Kenyatta   University   of   Agriculture   and Technology,  warmly  welcomes   you to   our  website

We encourage you to visit all our sites and links so as to learn everything about us.

Department of Statistics  and  Actuarial  Sciences  (STACS) belongs to the school of Mathematical Sciences    chaired   by  Prof  Anthony Waititu,  under  the  college  of  Pure  and  Applied  Sciences which is headed by Prof Thiong’o

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences  (STACS) offers training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its expertise covers a broad spectrum of fields ranging from the traditional areas of Mathematical Statistics, such as Inference Theory, Survey Theory Experimental Designs to applied Statistics areas such as  Econometric s,  Financial  Risk  Management,  and  even Modeling Extreme Events

Our  Courses  include four  undergraduate  degrees: a Bachelor of Science in  Statistics, Bachelor of   Science   in    Bio-statistics,   Bachelor  of   Science   in  Actuarial   Sciences   and  Bachelor  of Science in  Financial  Engineering.

Undergraduate  students  may  during  their  training,  chose more  courses from   related   progammes to boost their knowledge base as they desire. However, it is worth  noting  that our courses  are flexible  and  allows   students to  design   their   own    programs  in  conjunction  with   their course advisers.   Our   entire   courses   have  a  lot  of Computer training  integrated  in them, a point that enables  all  interests  in Mathematical Sciences to be nurtured properly.

At  the  graduate  level,  the  Department offers  the  PhD  in Mathematics, which culminates  in the exposition  of  original research  in a dissertation. Graduate students also receive training and gain experience in the teaching of mathematics.