About us

Introduction of Rehabilitative Sciences Department
Rehabilitative Sciences Department is in the School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). It is a confluence of health professions specializing in the physical and psychosocial functioning aspects involving the management of disorders that alter the function and performance of the client/patient.  RS embraces an innovative approach and operates interdisciplinary programs specializing in the application of Science and Technology (for training and) to assist people with various disabilities to improve their independence. This is achieved through rehabilitation of persons with locomotor disabilities, neuromuscular disorders and cognitive dysfunctions. The department endeavors to train such professionals, making good use of recent advances taking place in the biological and behavioral sciences.

Rationale for the Department
Globally, there is an increasing concern informed by the rapid increase in the number of persons with disabilities associated with growth of the ageing population; chronic conditions; malnutrition; injuries from land mines; war; violence; HIV/AIDS; environmental degradation; road-traffic injuries; domestic injuries; sports and occupational related injuries; and other causes often related to poverty.

JKUAT’s efforts to start the BSc  Programs in Rehabilitative  Sciences is motivated by the belief in equality, the desire to minimize the degree of disability and the associated individual or familial hardships using technology available in JKUAT’ and beyond.

Our Programs
The Department has the following programmes:
A) Physiotherapy
BSc in Physiotherapy
MSc in Physiotherapy
PhD in Physiotherapy

B)Occupational Therapy
BSc in Occupational Therapy

C)Medical Social Work
BSc in Medical Social Work