Current Research

1.  Fabrication and Application of Magnetic Nanowire Array – Thin Film for High Energy Photon Portal Imaging
Researcher(s):    Ongeri R., Mulati D.M, Mwose P.

2.   Geophysical Survey of Olorgesailie Archaeological site.
Researcher(s): Githiri J. G.  Barongo J. O.

3.       Investigation of Velocity Distribution in the wake of a Model Wind Turbine
Researcher(s): Mutai Amos,  Kamau J.N ,  Mulati D.M

4.    Design and Fabrication of a cost effective High Power industrial carbon dioxide laser system.
Researcher(s): Kihara G.K, Gikunda E.

5.     Design, Construction and testing of A 0-1000V regulated high voltage DC power supply.
Researcher(s): Kasera A.A, Kinyua R,.

6.  Design and construction of an automatic engine immobilizer with an alarm
Researcher(s):    Muriuki B.N, Kinyua R.

7.  Assessment of the wind energy potential in some selected sites in Kenya
Researcher(s):    Kamau J. N, Kinyua R.

8.     Similarities in periods of Meteorological  variables over Kenya and Solar activity  periods.
Researcher:  Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.

9.    Solar Signature in the Drought Occurrence in   Kenya.
Researcher:   Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.

10. Modeling the climatic parameters and Solar  Irradiance using the atmospheric-solar parameters: Sunspot numbers, Mg II core-to-wing ratio and F10.7-cm solar radio flux.
Researcher: Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.

11.    An Experimental design for producing holograms
Researcher:  Ominde C.F, Kihara G.K, Nyakoe G.