Chairman’s Message

Dr. Anthony Kiroe, Office ext. 2678, NSC

Message from the Head of the Department

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the department of physics website. The site avails to you information on the department with respect to staff, publications, academic progress, research activities and related information.

Besides offering fundamental courses in physics for undergraduate students, the department has several specialized areas. The department offers four undergraduate programmes i.e B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Control & Instrumentation, B.Sc Geophysics and B.Sc Renewable Energy and Environment Physics. The thematic areas of specialization in Masters and Doctorate are Solid State Physics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Applied Geophysics, Polymer Physics, Laser & Optics, Renewable Energy, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics. The department also services other colleges in the university including Agriculture, Engineering and Institute of Environment & Energy Technology.

The department is proud to have a teaching staff with diverse specializations in Physics and hence  leader in research and training in Physics in both postgraduate and undergraduates.

Feel free to contact the department or the staff in your area of interest. When looking for a self –sponsored program under the department the choice is control and instrumentation: – a practical course based on fundamental applications of physics concepts to assist you meet the challenges in industries, research labs and as a landing pad for further education.

Thank you and welcome.