BSc in Mathematics, BSc (General)

Requirements and Courses for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in (Mathematics or Mathematics and Computer Science) or Bachelor of Science

Students taking Mathematics as a major subject can either choose to major in Mathematics alone or in Mathematics and Computer Science courses, depending on their performances in the second year. The duration of this course is four years. Under this programme Mathematics can be studied as major, regular or minor subject in each of the third and fourth years. Students taking Mathematics and Computer Science can either major in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science or Statistics and Computer Science in their third year of study.Under this programme a student may pursue an area leading to the following degree awards
a.    Bachelor of science in Mathematics
b.    Bachelor of science in Mathematics and computer science
c.    Bachelor of science (General)

A student aspiring to study Mathematics must satisfy the minimum University requirements and Faculty of Science regulations.
A student must have passed Mathematics in the K.C.S.E at a minimum grade of B-. In addition, a student must have passed in two subjects from one of the following combinations:

Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Science, Biological Science




HRD 2101 Communication Skills

HRD 2102 Development Studies and Social Ethics


SMA 2104 Mathematics for Sciences

Core Units

SMA 2100 Discrete Mathematics

SMA 2101 Calculus I

SMA 2102 Calculus II

SMA 2103 Probability and Statistics I



Core Units(for all mathematics students)

SMA 2200 Calculus III

SMA 2201 Linear Algebra I

SMA 2220 Vector Analysis

ICS 2100 Introduction to Computer Systems

Core Units(for all double mathematics students)

SMA  2202 Algebraic Structures

SMA 2230 Probability and Statistics II

ICS 2101 Computer Organization

The other units under this heading “core” to students who are following the branch of Mathematics under which the units fall. Otherwise they will be  elective to students following other branches of Mathematics.


Pure Mathematics

SMA 2203 Number Theory

Applied Mathematics

SMA 2221 Classical Mechanics


SMA Probability and Statistics

Computer Sciences

ICS 2102 Introduction to Computer Programming



Core Units(for all Mathematics students)

SMA 2304 Ordinary Differential Equations I

SMA 2305 Complex Analysis I

SMA 2306 Linear Algebra II

Core Units(for all majors in Mathematics and in Mathematics and computer science)(elective units for Mathematics regulars and minors)

SMA 2300 Calculus IV

SMA 2301 Real Analysis

Pure Mathematics

Core Units (for majors and regulars in pure Mathematics)

SMA 2303 Group Theory IV

SMA 2307 Ring Theory

Elective unit

SMA 2302 Real Analysis II


Applied Mathematics

Core Units(for majors and regulars in applied Mathematics)

SMA 2320 Analytical Applied Mathematics I

SMA 2321 Numerical Analysis I

Core unit (for majors in Applied Mathematics)

SMA 2322 Fluid Mechanics I

Elective Unit

SMA 2323 Ordinary Differential Equations II


Core Units(for Majors and Regulars in Statistics)

SMA 2330 Theory of Estimation

SMA 2331 Tests of Hypotheses

Core Unit(for Majors in Statistics)

SMA 2332 Probability and Statistics IV

Elective unit

SMA 2343 Operations Research I


Computer Sciences

Core Units

ICS 2104 Object Oriented Programming I

ICS 2105 Data Structures and Algorithms

ICS 2207 Scientific Computing

ICS 2342 Systems Development

Elective Units

ICS 2303 Multimedia Systems

ICS 2308 Artificial Intelligence



University unit

HRD 2401 Entrepreneurship Skills

Core unit(for all Mathematics students)

SMA 2400 Partial Differential Equations I


Core Units

SMA 2401 Topology I

SMA 2404 Field Theory

SMA 2407 Functional Analysis

Elective Units

SMA 2402 Topology II

SMA 2403 Measure and Integration

SMA 2405 Complex Analysis II

SMA 2406 Group Theory II

SMA 2408 Linear Algebra III

SMA 2409 Algebraic Number Theory

SMA 2410 Algebraic Geometry

SMA 2411 Galois Theory

SMA 2412 Algebraic Coding Theory

SMA 2413 Non-Communicative Rings

SMA 2414 Fourier Series

SMA 2415 Project in Pure Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Core Units(for Major and Regulars in Applied Mathematics)

SMA 2420 Differential Geometry

SMA 2421 Numeric Analysis II

Core unit(for Majors in Applied Mathematics)

SMA 2424 Fluid Mechanics II

Elective Units

SMA 2405 Complex Analysis II

SMA 2422 Analytical Applied Mathematics II

SMA 2423 Partial Differential Equations II

SMA 2425 Fluid Mechanics III

SMA 2426 Theory of Relativity

SMA 2427 Analytical Mechanics

SMA 2428 Continuum Mechanics

SMA 2429 Project in Applied Mathematics(2 units)


Core unit(for Majors and Regulars in Statistics)

SMA 2430 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Core Units(for Majors in Statistics)

SMA 2431 Time Series Analysis

SMA 2432 Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys

SMA 2441 Regression Modelling


Elective Units

SMA 2433 Quality Control Methods

SMA 2434 Non-Parametric Methods

SMA 2435 Measure and Probability

SMA 2436 Stochastic Processes

SMA 2437 Multivariate Methods

SMA 2439 Project in Statistics(2units)

SMA 2448 Operations Research II

SMA 2449 Operations Research III


Core unit

ICS 2206 Database Systems

Elective Units

ICS 2201 Object Oriented Programming II

ICS 2202 Operating Systems I

ICS 2203 Internet Application Programming

ICS 2208 Operating Systems II

ICS 2305 Systems Programming

ICS 2306 Computer Networks

ICS 2405 Knowledge-Based Systems

ICS 2408 Selected Topics in Computer Science

ICS 2441 Advanced Programming

ICS 2446 Information Processing and Programming

ICS 2447 Computer Systems Project(2 units)