About Us

Welcome to the JKUAT, Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics (PAM) which is under the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) and College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS).

The department views students Education, Training and Preparation for today’s Technologically – based job market and society as the number one priority.

Our department is committed to high level training, teaching service and collaborative research. It provides diverse environment which enables students to actively participate in the department’s life and do well in their studies.

Mentored by twenty three (23) teaching staff, graduate and undergraduate students are pursuing research projects in various areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. With four (4) full professors and two (2) associate professors who are thematic leaders to our various programs, the department is diverse and balance with respect to academic rank.

I invite you to visit our website to become better acquainted with our department, programs and research activities. If you have further questions after browsing this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Prospective students are encouraged to contact our department via email – pam@jkuat.ac.ke and they can also visit us at the main campus.

Thank you.

Dr. Phineas Roy Kiogora Ph.D.

Chair of Department

Our Vision

Stimulation of interest in Mathematics as a useful and enjoyable area of study.

Our  mission

Provision of skills and knowledge necessary for higher academic careers, industry and government/public service jobs.

Goals and objectives of the Department

  1. To develop one Academic program in line with the country’s economic needs every five years.
  2. To increase research output by three (3%) through Publications every academic year.
  3. To establish collaborative relationships with Industry in the 2018/2019 academic year.
  4. To increase students completion rate by 5% in the 2018/2019 academic year.