Ongoing Grants/Projects at School of Nursing

1. Burdett Trust For Nursing, UK – A project aimed at supporting the well-being and Resilience in the Nursing Workforce during and Post COVID-19 Pandemic for quality health care delivery and improved populations’ health outcomes in Kenya (2020 To date).

2. Burdett Trust For Nursing, UK – Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Research and Utilization of Evidence Informed Practice among Nurses and Midwives in Kenya (June 2021 To Date).

3. Medical Benevolent Foundation Project – Member of Research Advisory Panel Kenya (RAP), A project on establishing national research priorities for nurses and midwives in Kenya (2019 To date).

4. Heath Professionals Education Partnership (HEPI)-Kenya – The objective of this project is to increase capacity for undergraduate and graduate health professional students in practice-oriented research skills training. The program is offering an innovative educational program integrated into the elective term to strengthen research and clinical experiences of health professional students and improve linkages between Universities, MOH and affiliated teaching facilities. The project is coordinated from the School of Medicine.

5. STRIPE HIV Training – Strengthening Interprofessional Education for HIV, An initiative of the African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth). The overarching goal of the project is to ensure that pre-service medical and nursing students and early career professionals are prepared to translate lessons and learnings from the classroom to the high-burden clinical settings and are equipped to provide high-quality HIV care while employing an interprofessional team-based approach. The project is coordinated from the School of Medicine.