Dr. Drusilla Gekondo Moke Makworo

drusillaPosition: Senior Lecturer, Chairman, Department of Community Health Nursing
Email:  dmakworo@jkuat.ac.ke
Area of Specialization: Paediatrics and Child Health Nursing
Teaching /Research Interests: Neonatal, child and Adolescent Health, Medical Surgical Nursing, Physiology, HIV/AIDS

Makworo, D. G.M, Bwibo, N. and Omoni, G., (2014). ‘Parental Involvement in the Management of Hospitalized Children in Kenya’.  African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health , 8(4) 130 – 135
Makworo, D. G.M, Bwibo, N. and Omoni, G., (2013). Parents’ and Healthcare providers’ Perspectives about Hospitalised Children being Visited by other Children in Nairobi, Kenya. East African Medical Journal, 90: 108 – 116
Makworo, D. and Laving A. M. R., (2010). Caring for Children with Acute, Treatable and Preventable Medical Conditions. African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, 4: 33- 37
Makworo, D. and Laving A. M. R., (2010). Prevalence of Acute Preventable and Treatable Medical Conditions in Children Aged 0-5 Years at a Public Hospital in Kenya”. East African Medical Journal. 2010; 340 – 344
Makworo, D. Muiva  M., Odhiambo E., Omuga B. and Laving A. M. R., (2010). Determination of the daily nursing procedures performed to children admitted with medical conditions at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya. Kenya Nursing Journal,  39: 16 – 23

Professional Membership
Nursing Council of Kenya
National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK)
Member of Paediatric Nurses Chapter of the NNAK

Fellowship Awarded
2015: Afya Bora Fellowship for Global Health Leadership
2011: African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship offered by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) through the African Population Health Research Centre (APHRC)

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