Current Research Projects

• The Baculovirus Expression Vector System and a Model for Demonstrating the Susceptibility of Rift Valley Fever Virus to RNA-induced Gene Silencing.  E. Rono, F. Wamunyokoli,  D. Masiga, R Sang and J. R. Ongus

•  Development of Replenishable, Cost Effective and Stable ELISA Reagents for the detection of Chikungunya Virus  Infection. C. Wasonga, J. R. Ongus, L. Musila and R. Sang

•  Tuberculosis recurrence and risk factors associated with multidrug resistance in TB patients attending various clinics in Nairobi, Kenya.   P. W. Ndung’u, Z. Ng’ang’a and G. Revathi

•  Lethal dose determination of black mamba(dandroaspis polylepsis) venom in mice after intraperitoneal injection.٭Gikunju J.K., Ochola F. Njonge F.K., Mbaria J.M. Muchemi G.,M Taylor R and Sanda, A