Ms Damaris Katsutsu

Tutorial Fellow Medical Laboratory Sciences


  • Teaching and supervision of Fourth, Third- and First-year Medical Lab Science (MLS) degree course. I teach the following units; Haematology, Blood transfusion, Health system management,  Laboratory animal science and Forensic Science .
  • Supervision of Fourth year MLS students on attachment in different hospitals/research centers
  • Supervision of research projects undertaken by fourth year university MLS students.


Katsutsu D.A, Okinda N.A,Waithaka K.S and Wesongah O. J (2016) Investigation of the               Prevalance of Irregular Antibodies causing Transfusion Reactions in Donated blood at the              Nairobi regional blood transfusion centre. East African Journal of Pathology. Vol.3 Issue No. 1    July 2016, Pages11-15

Damaris A. Katsutsu, Wesongah O. J and Waithaka K.S (2016) Determination of Irregular             Antibodies in donated Blood at the National Central Testing Laboratoy, Nairobi. International             Journal of Science and Research. Vol. 5 Issue 2 February 2016.


Damaris. A. Katsutsu. (2011) A Study on the Importance of Reticulocyte count in Malaria Diagnosis at Kilifi District Hospital. BSc Project, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya.


Damaris .A. Katsutsu (2016)  Investigation of the Prevalence of Irregular Antibodies causing Transfusion Reactions in Donated Blood at the National Central Testing Laboratories, Nairobi.

MSc Thesis, Mount Kenya University, Kenya.