Teaching labs of Medical Microbiology Department

The Department of Medical Microbiology puts a priority on hands-on learning provided our experienced technologists and research-grade equipment.  The Medical Microbiology Teaching Lab is used to support our infection biology causes. Infection biology is the study of  host pathogen interactions at the molecular level. In the last century, most research and innovation has been geared towards the development of drugs for killing infectious agents and vaccines for preventing infection. Research is now contending with the emergence of new infections for which no treatment or vaccination exists, and the emergence of drug resistant strains of infectious agents. Slowly, microbiologists and immunologists have come to the conclusion that radical new ways of fighting infectious disease are needed. A more holistic approach that takes into account the complex set of feedback loops between pathogens, host immune systems and our own microbiota. Better understanding of the host pathogen interactions at the molecular level may yield answers and open up new ways of thinking about pathogenesis.  The Department of Medical Microbiology believes in providing students with research-grade, state-of-the-art equipment, both for learning and for research. We are always expanding and upgrading our suite of equipment, so our equipment list is not exhaustive.

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