Welcome to the Department of Medical Microbiology

Dear students

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Medical Microbiology.The mandate of the Department of Medical Microbiology is to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations locally, nationally,and internationally through excellence in research, teaching and training. The Department is committed to training highquality scientists and specialists as well as building capacity in health sciences. While studying at the Department of Medical Microbiology, you are not only a student but also a full member of the Department, College of Health Sciences and the University at large. Thus, we encourage you to interact with staff and fellowstudents in and out of class. Our teaching faculty is ready to share experience and expertise with younger colleagues and peers and invites open communication from students.   On behalf of staff at the Department of Medical Microbiology. I wish you an intellectually stimulating and productive time at the Department, as well as success in your studies and research.



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