Mechatronic Engineering Department welcomes new students

On Friday 26th August 2016, first year students joining the department of Mechatronics got a chance to meet with the teaching and non teaching staff in the department. Headed by the chair of department Ms. Lina KÁdoyo, the meeting enabled the students to get valuable words of advice from the coordinators of various dockets in the department.

Ms. KÁdoyo welcomed the students to the department, introduced them to the teaching and non teaching members of staff and encouraged them to work hard over the next five years in order to achieve their goals. She briefly explained Mechatronics and touched on the various core subjects offered as well as the opportunities that lie in wait for the once they have successfully cleared the course.

The students were also encouraged to use the relevant avenues to seek for help on any matter, be it academic or otherwise. They were briefed on the various channels of communication within the department. These avenues include the departmental email, the official departmental facebook page; JKUAT Mechatronic Department and the official twitter handle for the School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SoMMME), @jkuatSoMMME.

The Department of Mechatronic Engineering welcomes all the first years and wishes them the very best in their stay with us.

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