Course Units

The following units must be passed to attain a degree in BSc. Mechatronic Engineering at JKUAT:
Semester 1
HRD 2101 Communication Skills
SMA 2170 Algebra
SMA 2171 Geometry
SMA 2172 Calculus I
SCH 2101 Chemistry I
SPH 2170 Physics I
EME 2101 Engineering Drawing and Design I
EMT 2101 Workshop Processes and Practice I

 Semester 2
HRD 2102 Development Studies
SMA 2173 Calculus II
SCH 2108 Chemistry II
SMA 2174 Introduction to Computers
SPH 2171 Physics II
EMT 2102 Materials Science
EME 2103 Engineering Drawing and Design II
EMT 2103 Workshop Processes and Practice II

Semester 1
SMA 2270 Calculus III
SMA 2175 Computer Programming I
EMT 2201 Planar Mechanisms I
EMT 2202 Workshop Processes and Practice III
EME 2203 Engineering Drawing and Design III
EEE 2202 Analogue Electronics I
SMA 2271 Ordinary Differential Equations
EMT 2203 Engineering Materials

Semester 2
EMT 2204 Engineering Mechanics
EMT 2205 Workshop Processes and Practice IV
EEE 2210 Analogue Electronics II
EMT 2206 Circuit and Network Theory I
EMT 2207 Planar Mechanisms II
SMA 2276 Computer Programming II
EME 2315 Thermodynamics
EME 2209 Fluid Mechanics

Semester 1
SMA 2480 Complex Analysis
EME 2306 Engineering Design I
EEE 2302 Analogue Electronics III
EMT 2301 Solid and Structural Mechanics I
EMT 2302 Circuit and Network Theory II
EMT 2303 Electrical Machine Drives I
EMT 2304 Measurements and Instrumentation
EMT 2305 Production Technology I

Semester 2
SMA 2371 Partial Differential Equations
EMT 2306 Engineering Design II
EEE 2305 Digital Electronics I
EMT 2307 Solid and Structural Mechanics II
EMT 2308 Gear Mechanisms
EMT 2309 Electrical Machine Drives II
EME 2307 Metrology
EMT 2310 Production Technology II

Semester 1
SMA 2272 Statistics
EMT 2401 Solid and Structural Mechanics III
EMT 2402 Control Engineering I
EMT 2403 Sensors and Transducers I
EMT 2404 Design of Mechatronic Systems I
EEE 2406 Microprocessors I
EEE 2310 Digital Electronics II
EMT 2405 Spatial Mechanisms I

Semester 2
SMA 2471 Numerical Analysis
EMT 2406 Power electronics
EMT 2407 Solid and Structural Mechanics IV
EMT 2408 Control Engineering II
EMT 2409 Design of Mechatronic Systems II
EMT 2410 Jig and Tool Design
EEE 2412 Microprocessors II
EMT 2411 Spatial Mechanisms

Semester 1
EMT 2501 Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
EMT 2502 Vibrations
EMT 2503 Computer Controlled Manufacturing
EMT 2504 Sensors and Transducers II
EMT 2505 Industrial Management
EMT 2506 *Project
*Electives (Two)
EEE 2518 Digital Systems Design I
EMT 2507 Control Engineering III
EMT 2508 Signal Processing I
EMT 2509 Manufacturing Technology
EMT 2510 Machine Design
EMT 2511 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

Semester 2
EMT 2506 *Project
EMT 2512 Manufacturing Process Planning
EMT 2513 Assembly Processes and Systems
EME 2512 Industrial Law
EME 2511 Experimental Stress Analysis
*Electives (Two)
EEE 2521 Digital Systems Design II
EMT 2514 Control Engineering IV
EMT 2515 Signal Processing II
EMT 2516 Manufacturing Technology II
EMT 2517 Industrial Robotics
EMT 2518 Flexible Manufacturing Systems



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