Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision: A department of excellence in training, research and innovation in mechanical engineering field for development.

Mission: To offer accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in power generation, renewable energy, building services, automotive, manufacturing, maintenance, industrial system control, materials, and marine systems to suit the needs of a dynamic world

Department objectives

  1. To develop and maintain a strong academic staff base for optimum departmental performance.
  2. To integrate teaching and research for preservation and effective application of knowledge and skills.
  3. To improve, develop and establish teaching and research programs in line with country’s industrialization needs.
  4. To develop and promote quality and market driven academic and professional pursuits.
  5. To expand, strengthen and sustain the departmental income base.
  6. To strengthen and expand collaboration and partnerships with industry and other organization.
  7. To establish culture of hard work, good governance in leadership and management of the department.
  8. To develop, promote and carry out programs for epidemic and disaster prevention as well as risk management.