School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SoMMME) annual welfare party

The SOMME welfare group compromises of all the staff who work in the school teaching and non-teaching staff. Its main objective is to bring people together so that as they work they do so as a team and feel as members of one big family who support each other at all times. The welfare committee in order to meet this objective is tasked to organize annual retreats away from the work environment where the members can interact and bond.
This year’s welfare party was held on the Saturday 17th November 2012 in the outskirts of Nairobi at the Lukenya Getaway. It was an eventful party as usual and the environment was just what we needed to interact through team building activities as well as relaxing away from work and home.
The team leader of the day Mr. Cyprian Ademba, was as fit as a fiddle and had prepared a list of activities that cracked our ribs as well as made us exercise physically and work in teams all through. There were two teams, the Lions and the Tigers which competed in all games. The Tigers carried the trophy of the day by winning two games out of three.
All the outdoor activities and the scrumptious meals offered from the time we got to Lukenya to the time we left, made our day seem so short and we were left yearning for more.
We thank the welfare Committee that had organized the getaway, the university that has always supported the welfare activities and all members of the welfare who made the day a success.

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