Postgraduate Ongoing Research

Mr. Richard Njihia

Research title: Investigation of stress on pelton turbine buckets

Mr. Mutua James

Research title: Optimization of the weight of automobiles through variation of the microstructure of magnesium alloy AZ31B

Mr. Bernard Kosgey

Research title: Mechanical Properties of Die Cast Secondary Al-Si Piston Alloys with trace Addition of Strontium, Iron and Manganese

Mr. Tanui Josephat

Research title: Impact of fuel oxygenation on NOx formation in flames

Mr. Peter Obara

Research title: Optimization of heat transfer efficiency of bio-ethanol gel stoves

Mr. Abel Nyakundi

Research title: Optimization of straight vegetable oil powered pressure lamp to reduce indoor gaseous emissions and particulate matter.

Ms. Tecla kipkemei

Research title:  Physical, Mechanical, and combustion characteristics of water hyacinth-bagasse briquettes

Mr. Korir Stanley

Research title: Biogas production from pretreated lignocellulosic biomass and investigation of biogas characteristics.

Mr. Josephat Bang’i

Research title: Investigation of the mechanical properties of relative high rib areas of reinforcement bars-fatigue and effects of heat.

Mr. Daniel Nyamu

Research title: Investigation on the characterization on the variability of mechanical properties of reinforcement bars made from scrap: bending and fatigue.

Mr. Peter Mbio

Research title: Empirical investigation of the relationship between maintenance objectives and maintenance strategies in Kenyan industries.

Mr. Titus Magicho

Research title: Analysis of residual stress distribution and its effects on mechanical properties of TIG welded AISI 304 stainless steel