Postgraduate Completed Research

  1. Capture of industrial carbon dioxide emission using a wet scrubber; Ndiritu H. M. (PhD. 2012)
  2. Determination of stress intensity factors in a thick-walled cylinder with multiple axial cracks using the energy-based finite element method; Kiragu K. K. (MSc. 2011)
  3. A study into steel processing and recycling industry in Kenya; Machira J. K. (MSc. 2011)
  4. Aluminium material flow and value chain analysis in Kenyan industries; Weramwanja P.M. (MSc 2011)
  5. Stress characterization in thick-walled cylinders with elliptical cross-bores; Adenya C. A. (MSc. 2009)
  6. Properties of reinforcing steel bars made from scrap; Munyizikwiye B.B. (MSc. 2009)
  7. Optimization of Biomass use and performance as an industrial fuel: experimental study; Kipyego E. K. (MSc. 2009)
  8. Effect of Elements on Mechanical Properties of a Secondary LM13-Type Piston Alloy; Bruno M. (MSc. 2009)
  9. Simulation of the dynamic behavior of an excavator due to interacting mechanical and hydraulic dynamics; Muvengei M. O. (MSC. 2008)
  10. Recycling of rubber chips into composite elastomers; Hinga P.K. (MSc. 2008)
  11. Performance and Emission Evaluation of a Naturally Aspirated Compression Ignition Engine Running on Croton Megalocarpus methyl Ester Fuel; Kiplimo R. (MSc. 2008)
  12. Modeling and simulation of vibrations of a tractor gear box; Kimotho J. K. (MSc. 2008)
  13. Spray modeling using probability density function methods; Gitahi A. (MSc. 2006)
  14. Cylinder droplets: Mesh generation and reactive flow modeling; Ndiritu H. M. (MSc. 2006)