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Dr MuvengeiWelcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. On 14th March 2016, I became the Chair of this department which is one of the oldest and leading departments in the university. Mechanical engineering is one of the most diversified and dynamically evolving engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers design and build machines, systems and devices that enable humans to live and work on the ground, in space, in the air and under water. Their machines can extend our physical capabilities, improve our health and standard of living, and impact the environment in which we live. Much of what all engineers can or cannot do depends on the materials that are available for their tasks. Thus, mechanical engineers are also involved in studying and modifying not only mechanical properties, but also chemical and electrical properties to develop new applications possible.
We have an undergraduate degree program which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, soon we will launch another undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering whose curriculum is ready and is undergoing the last stages of approval. Our mechanical engineering curriculum is designed to offer a high-quality engineering education that includes hands-on experience so as to enable our graduates apply basic and advanced engineering knowledge and skills to the research, analysis, and design of engineering systems. Our graduates work in almost every technology-based industry which include automotive, electric power, aerospace, steel and materials, chemical and petro-chemical, manufacturing industries among others.
Our graduate research programs lead to Master of Science (MSc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering which both require research and theses. These graduate programs are designed to meet the needs of students who are already working in industry as well as students who are following a path to academia. For the last 10 years, more than 30 graduate students have done fundamental research to solve local and international problems, and have co-authored peer-reviewed journal papers with our faculty.
We have an active faculty who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally, and are dedicated to both teaching and research. Each of our faculty member is ready and willing to work in their research specialty with capable students on individual projects. We have four major thematic areas where our faculty members belong to depending on individual research specialty. These thematic areas are: Applied Mechanics; Thermo-Fluids; Materials & Production; and Controls & Electromechanical.
I invite you to kindly explore our website and follow up with me or any of the faculty in the department if you have questions about the research or the degree programs.

32 thoughts on “Chairman’s Greetings

  1. well done mechanical engineering department. you continue to inspire future professionals. keep up the enduring spirit.
    former student

  2. I am a Form four graduate and I would like you to send me the entry requirements grade because I really fill and devoted to take mechanical engineering course in jkuat.I truly appreciate your work as the chairman. I will be grand

    • Dennis
      Thank you for your interest in our program. Sorry also for not responding earlier. Our entry requirements are found in this departmental site. Kindly go to the academic section of the site and on the pull down menu will be BSc in Mechanical Engineering. All the entry requirements are available for you. All the best and welcome.

  3. Thank you stephen. We are proud that you underwent training in our department and we urge you to continue offering your skills diligently wherever you work.

  4. Am in your department(mech eng) and am very proud of it, we appreciate for offering us the best and we embrace you as our new chairman feel welcome sir.

    • John Nyalita,
      Thanks. Also for the good wishes. We shall seek to do something for the department and place it on the front line of industrialization of this country. The resulting fulfillment shall be our satisfaction. We also wish to have on board the alumni of the department like you to mentor our undergraduate engineers. I belief there are more roles alums like you can play, don’t you think. Lets discuss more on this.

  5. Thank you Japhet. Our desire is to offer you the best service and we shall ensure your training shall be a memorable experience.

  6. Thank you Japhet. I feel at home already….. now that you guys have received me with open arms. We shall strive to give you above quality service as we seek to enhance your skills. Our desire is to make you the best trained graduate at the end of your course. Anything you may want to improve on…… we are open to ideas.

  7. I’m proud of this department sir. I’m a second year undertaking Marine Engineering and as at now we’re from a trip from Mombasa. I wanted to thank you for allowing us and the efforts you’re making to support Marine group. The running is going on well, only that we’re afraid that we’re the only group to not have received our transcripts of the past year. Please do something sir.



    • Evans,
      You and your colleagues can kindly pick your transcripts because they are now available at the Dean SoMMME’s office. All the best.

  8. Kimathi Evans, Most welcome. As a department we recognize the critical role played by visits and practicals related to the program and we shall do whatever we can to facilitate them. We are also happy about the discipline demonstrated by you and your colleagues during the visit (based on comments from the lecturers who accompanied you). About your transcripts the processing is at an advanced stage and we are waiting for the final transcripts from the registrar. We belief in a couple of weeks at most the scripts should be ready.

    • Derrick,
      Thank you for showing interest in the marine program. Actually we are training our students not only for our local market but also for the international market. Internationally, there is a deficit of 80,000 marine engineers according to the Kenya Maritime Authority. Locally there is the Kenya Maritime Authority, Kenya Ports Authority, Africa Marine Engineers, Kenya Navy, to mention just a few To answer your question, indeed there are enough jobs and there will be more when Lamu corridor opens up.

  9. sir, i really appreciate your responses and the fact that you have created a forum where ideas and questions are shared.. thank you. I would like to encourage you to continue with the spirit and am looking forward to meeting you in person.

    • Derrick,
      You are most welcome. We look forward to having you as one of the students in our department. We hope you shall acquire skills that shall help you drive our country’s industrialization.

    • Marine engineering is going through accreditation process by ERB, nowadays it is called Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) and this is at an advanced stage. Unlike other engineers, marine engineers must also be recognized by not only seeking recognition by ERB but also by Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) which is the local body that regulates maritime issues on behalf of International Maritime Organization (IMO). We have been working hand in hand with KMA to develop the course.

  10. Hey sir Hiram,i am a form four graduate who has been admitted to your department Mr chairman of mechanical eng.i am very enthusiastic about it & i hope to have a fruitful five years in that department!!!thank you sir

    • Dear Martin,
      I welcome you to the department of Mechanical Engineering. We are delighted to receive enthusiastic students who have a desire to pursue our highly regarded programs. As our client, we shall make your stay within the department and the University a worthwhile experience. In any case that is why you chose us and paid fees. We look forward to formally welcome you in the department when you are finally handed over to us.

  11. Dear sir, i realy like your department and i feel that my future lies there. My problem is that i have been admitted for a course i dont love. I have all the qualifications necessary for joining your department. Sir, can i be offered a chance to persue my dream course? I’m a very enthusiastic first year student. I promise to work hard in your department.

    • Dear Odeny,
      Thank you for your interest in our program and we really appreciate the fact that you would like to change to your dream course. Kindly know that if you are a Joint Admission Board (JAB) student the weighted cluster is 46.8. The weighted cluster for self sponsored students (SSP) is much less. If you have attained this then apply immediately for an interdepartmental/interfaculty transfer to the registrar academic affairs. We shall consider your application alongside others and you shall be contacted if it is successful. Note that transfers take effect first three weeks after opening. Kindly speed up your application. For more information visit our department or the Dean, School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering or registrar Academic Affairs

  12. Thank you sir for your detailed response. I have already forwaded my application. I am a jab student. I would also like to talk to you privately about marine engineering as an alternative in case i miss a chance for mechanical engineering. I realy love your department and i would realy like to be part of you.

    • Dear Odeny,
      You are most welcome. We hope that you will make it to mechanical department. If your application is not successful, take the course you were invited to do in the University positively and do your best. There is always something good about every course and you only appreciate this if your focus is to serve the society (Kenya) through the training we give you. Note that the country at this level need trained graduates in all fields not just mechanical engineers. Examine all sectors (scientists, agricultural extension officers, architects, among others) and you will notice a deficiency. All the best though.

  13. Hi interested in your departnent and see ma future in it.i wanted to ask when are self sponsored students suposed to aply 2013 so we prepare

  14. I appreciate being alumni of JKUAT Mechanical Engineering, and I must say that it is one of the best departments in JKUAT. I did Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering which was one of the programs being offered by the department before the course was relocated to Taita Taveta University College. Is the department planning to reintroduce Mining Engineering?

    Also there is a group of students who got First Class Honors in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering in the previous two graduations. Is the department planning to recruit them as TAs just as the First class graduands of Mechanical Engineering?

    • Thanks for your interest.

      BSc. Mining and Mineral processing intake will be in September 2013 in Juja Campus.

      Four former students of BSc. Mining and Mineral processing 2012 are currently being recruited; next group may be considered next year. We hope TTU will consider you.

  15. Hi, I would appreciate it if you could advise me whether Mechanical engineering is viable in the current Kenyan job market

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