Departmental Objectives


1. To increase the number of admissions by 5% annually as reported by student enrolment numbers.


2. To improve the quality of teaching, learning and examination by continually training the faculty and support staff in emerging technologies at least once in a year.


3. To integrate linkages and partnerships with industry and development partners for sharing research and innovations by both students and staff through partipating in workshops, open days and conferences at least twice in a year.


4. To increase by at least 80% usage of electronic media and website as means of communication in the department both internally and externally, and to reduce by 50% utilization of printing papers annually.


5. To enhance staff and student industrial attachment placement by regular follow-ups annually by February, June and October.


6. To benchmark departmental products and services against successful service providers by analyzing performance reports from our stakeholders once in a semester through attachment reports, student-lecturer evaluation, staff performance appraisal, class advisor and quality teaching reports.

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