Diploma and Certificate in IT

Aims and Objectives of the Course

The Courses are aimed at producing personnel who:

  • Have ability to use industry standard computer software and hardware.
  • Are equipped with problem solving skills and can easily adapt in a fast changing technological world.
  • Will assist in system administration and networking in areas such as production, research, consultancy and education
  • Will be able to progress academically to higher levels of education into relevant degree courses

Eligibility (Any of the Underlisted)

Diploma in IT

  • KCSE C (Plain) with C- (Minus) in Maths and English
  • Credit pass in IT Certificate I with C- (Minus) in Math and English
  • KACE Certificate with a subsidiary pass in Maths

Or an equivalent qualification recognized by Senate


Certificate in IT

KCSE C- (Minus) or an equivalent qualification recognized by Senate.

8 thoughts on “Diploma and Certificate in IT

  1. What about those with I.T skills and are working in the industry but don’t have the relevant qualifications i.e Certificates to show. How can you help such a person enroll?

  2. I am a P1 teacher and interested in pursuing Diploma ICT in education under school based. pleased advised me accordingly