Leave / Types of Leaves

Currently Annual leave for academic staff shall be earned at the following rates:
Grades AC 12 and above – 36 working days
Grades AC 11 – 30 working days
Leave year shall be from 1st January to 31st December.

Types of Leave

Maternity/Paternity Leave
(a) Female employees shall be entitled to ninety (90) calendar days maternity leave with full pay. In this regard no female employee shall forfeit her annual leave entitlement on account of having taken maternity leave.

(b) Maternity leave may be taken approximately one month before the expected date of confinement, and application for maternity leave should be submitted to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) through the Head of Department at least one month before the date of commencement of leave.

(b) Male employees shall be entitled to ten (10) working days paternity leave with full pay during maternity confinement of their legal spouse. In this regard, it is clarified that in case of a male employee with more than one (1) spouse he will be entitled to paternity leave only in respect of the wife registered with NHIF contributor’s card held by the employer and such leave shall be taken not more than once in a year.

Special Leave
The Employer may at her discretion, grant special leave for any purpose not covered by the categories of leave set out in this agreement. In granting such leave, Employer shall take into account the frequency of such absences on a member’s University work.

Leave on Compassionate Grounds
An employee desiring to take compassionate leave shall with prior arrangement with the Head of Department and approval by Deputy Vice Chancellor (APD) be granted upto a maximum of ten (10) working days in case of emergencies/dire needs concerning a member of a nuclear family.

Study Leave
i) Study leave shall only be granted by the University on the basis of the needs of the University and the interests of staff development.
ii) Study leave may be of any duration as the University may determine and subject to such conditions as the University may lay down.

iii) The University may with reasons accept or reject an application for study leave.

Sick Leave
(a) A member of staff who is prevented by illness from carrying out his/her duties is required to furnish a medical certificate signed by a qualified Medical Practitioner or use such other mode of communication to this effect within two consecutive working days of absence.
(b) A member of staff may be granted sick leave at the following rates in a calendar year subject to the following maximum:

On Full Pay
Above 5 years of Service – 6 months
Below 5 years of Service – 3 months
Contract Staff – 2 months

On Half Pay
Above 5 years of Service – 6 months
Below 5 years of Service – 3 months
Contract Staff – 2 months

(c) On expiry of the maximum days provided above, the University will appoint a Medical Board to examine the employee and after considering the Medical Boards’ report have the right to terminate the services of the employee on medical grounds. Termination of appointment on the basis of a Medical Board Report shall not be made until 9 months after the receipt by the employer of such medical report. The employee shall remain on half pay pending determination of the case by the Council.

Sabbatical leave
i) The University considers that in the interests of both the Employer and members of staff it is desirable that members of staff should be released from their normal duties at intervals during their career to undertake further study.

ii) Sabbatical leave will be granted to members of staff on permanent terms only after completion of six years continuous service with the University from the date of appointment or since return from sabbatical or study leave. The Vice Chancellor will determine when such leave may be taken.

iii) Sabbatical leave shall be granted at the rate of nine (9) months after six (6) years of continuous service. However, should need arise the employer may extend upon justifiable request.

iv) Sabbatical leave will be granted on full pay and normally in extension of a long vacation.

v) Applications for sabbatical leave shall set out in detail the course of study proposed, the duration of leave requested and the financial assistance sought. Applications shall be sent through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (AA) to the Vice Chancellor with copies to the Deputy vice Chancellor (Administration), the Dean of the Faculty, and the Chairman of Department concerned.

Leave of Absence
Upon request, employees shall be granted unpaid leave of absence when on secondment to public institutions or for personal reasons, on the recommendation of the Chairman of Department and approval of the University.

Online Leave application: all types of leave shall be applied on line.