Submission of Marriage Certificates

According to the Marriage Act, 2014:

  1. Section 44 states that ‘the parties to a customary marriage shall notify the Registrar of such marriage within three months of completion of the relevant ceremonies or steps required to confer the status of marriage to the parties in the community concerned’
  2. Section 55 states that
    1. where the parties to a marriage under Part V have completed the necessary rituals for their union to be recognized as a marriage under the customary law of any of the parties both shall apply to the Registrar within six months of their marriage for a certificate and both shall appear in person before the Registrar to be issued with the certificate of marriage,
    2. where the Registrar is satisfied that the parties to a marriage under part V have complied with the provisions of this Act, and the parties have appeared before him in person, the Registrar shall register  the marriage and issue the parties with a certificate of marriage’

The above clauses imply that marriages are only recognized upon registration and issuance of marriage certificates.

JKUAT staff are reminded that the University no longer accepts affidavits as evidence of marriage institution and, consequently, all members of staff who submitted affidavits are given three (3) months from the date of this memo to furnish the Human Resource office with certified copies of their Marriage Certificate failure to which the University will not recognize their spouses.  This also applies to members of staff who had requested for extension of the period for submission of their marriage certificates.

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